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Locally Known is located along the shore of the Merrymeeting Bay. It was started in 2008 by Ben Dobson, David Goldstein and Shimon Horowitz along with brother and sister Brook and Noah DeLorme, to address the need for significant access to local and regionally grown produce in the northeast.


Bowdoinham farm embodies the state's agriculture goals



BOWDOINHAM — Gov. John Baldacci held up a Bowdoinham farm Thursday to embody the state's growing success in agriculture and his administration's focus on that field.

Locally Known, touted in Baldacci's release as "New England's first large-scale organic farm," supplies greens — such as arugula, baby kale and spinach — to large supermarket chains like Whole Foods and Hannaford.

"We can compete with operations around the world because we have the highest quality natural resources at our disposal," said Baldacci in a statement. "My administration has been committed to transforming our natural resource-based industries. The Maine Department of Agriculture has been getting the word out about buying local, and working hard to ensure Maine farmers have the tools they need to compete."

According to the governor's release, the Bowdoinham operation received a nearly $250,000 loan from the state's Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund.

In Maine, the farming industry employs 65,000 workers and has direct sales of nearly $600 million a year. The release also claims that Maine is ranked first in New England in the production of food and in the value of aquaculture sales, as well as first in the world in the production of wild blueberries.

To find an ideal torch bearer for those victories, Baldacci turned to Locally Known.

"Mainers have always known and appreciated the value of local farmers," he said. "And our farmers are responding to consumer demand for high-quality produce. While agriculture is one of Maine's traditional industries, it is hardly one that has stood still. Our farmers continue to explore new techniques and new markets.

"Ben Dobson and the other investors in Locally Known represent the true Maine entrepreneurial spirit," Baldacci continued. "In their 20s, they see an opportunity with increasing demand for organic foods grown regionally."

According to state figures, organic farming has exploded in the past two decades, growing from 21 organic farms in 1987 to 348 in 2007.

"Ben and his crew have worked hard to meet food safety standards at every step of the operation — from the time the seeds are planted until the greens are washed, chilled and packed," said state agriculture commissioner Seth Bradstreet in a statement. "The public wants assurances, and in Maine we can provide it with locally grown food from farmers you know."