Bowdoinham Fire & Rescue News

March 9, 2017

Are you familiar with what an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is and what it does?
An AED is a portable device that analyzes the hearts rhythm and can deliver an electric shock to a patient following sudden cardiac arrest. The best chance for a positive outcome from sudden cardiac arrest is prompt CPR and quick defibrillation with an AED.

 Bowdoinham Fire & Rescue is very pleased to announce the addition of three AED’s to our existing units. We were able to obtain a single unit through a Rural AED grant and with a generous donation from the Lancaster Estate the Bowdoinham Fire Department Association purchased two additional units. This brings to a total of six AED’s available in Bowdoinham. WE now have AED’s located at the fire station, on our primary response fire engine, with an EMS responder living on the East side of town, at the Community School, at the Town Office and one located at the Town Landing Store. Thank you to the estate of Carmeline Lancaster for the donation to the Bowdoinham Fire Department Association.  Carmeline was a member of the ladies auxiliary and her husband, Horace, was a long time member of the fire department and both were amazing supporters of the organizations. Bowdoinham Fire & Rescue conducted training in “hands only CPR” and AED use for employees of the Country Store, The Town Landing and Bowdoinham Town Office staff to ensure that if the need arises they will be comfortable with its use.  Thank you to all for your participation and continuing support.