Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for Community Citizen Award?

January 10, 2019

Enterprise Grange #48, Richmond, has been presenting local citizens with The Community Citizen Award for 21 years. Our first recipient was Bob Sidelinger, because who else was ever more deserving of an award?


The Award goes to an individual who is not a Granger, or a group such as American Legion Post and Auxiliary Unit #132, with Grangers as members of their groups.


We have evolved the Award Ceremony over the years. When Bob was presented his, it was during a regular Grange meeting in the heat of August. Not a good decision so we tried different evenings which didn’t work out and then tried a 3:00pm on a Sunday, giving family members the opportunity to get there. This seems to be our best time. Our next Awards Day will be May 5th at 3:00.  There is always a short Grange-type program with a skit and jokes relating to the recipients. Guests are invited to take part and share stories about the recipients.


The names of the recipients are not kept a secret because we want family and friends to share in the good news and celebrate with us. Light refreshments are served with a time to visit after the ceremony.


We started giving the award to Dresden citizens seven years ago with our first award going to Eleanor Everson.


In 2017, Merrymeeting Grange merged with Enterprise and we then extended the award to Bowdoinham with Village Lodge ‘Handy Brigade’ being honored for both Bowdoinham and Richmond.


Community Citizen Award Wording: "In recognition of outstanding service to this community and mankind. Your dedication and personal involvement are gratefully and sincerely acknowledged by the members of...."


If you know someone who deserves to be recognized, please fill out this form and send it to your town manager before February 28th:


Name of Citizen(s) ___________________________________________________

Why ______________________________________________________________

Background info (organizations, public service, etc) _________________________


Family members - ____________________________________________________

Nominated by - _____________________________________________________


Grange also recognizes police officers, First Responders, Firefighters and teachers.


Enterprise was also the organization that introduced ‘The Spirit of America’ Award to Richmond residents. That Award has now been taken over by the Richmond Selectboard.