Meet the Farms 2014



Apple Creek Farm              

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Apple Creek Farm is a second generation family farm. Established in 1985, Pete and Janet Galle moved their children and flock of sheep from Brunswick to Bowdoinham. Over the years more land was cleared for pastures and hayfields, the sheep flock increased, and eventually beef cows were introduced to the farm. Apple Creek Farm is currently managed by Jake Galle and Abby Sadauckas along with Pete and Janet Galle. All the land used by the farm is certified organic including leased hayfields and pastures. The products from beef cows, sheep, and goats are 100% grass-fed and certified organic. The laying hens are also certified organic as are the broilers, geese, and turkeys they raise.

Blue Bell Farm              

Join us in welcoming David Asmussen & Meredith Eilers  and Blue Bell Farm to Bowdoinham!   Dave was raised in upstate New York and first put a shovel in the soil in fourth grade when he dug up the back yard to plant radishes. At Dartmouth College, he studied environmental biology and earth science and worked in the biology department greenhouse. There he met his partner Meredith who was working at the college organic farm. A few years in the Bay Area of California confirmed that 60 degrees and sunny every day was way too boring, so Dave moved back East for graduate school at the University of Vermont, where he studied plant and soil science. Dave is in MOFGA's Journeyperson program and is proud to have found a home for his family and Blue Bell Farm in Bowdoinham


Campo di Fiori

Campo Di Fiori is a specialty nursery growing hardy wildflowers, ornamental grasses, and select cultivars. In creating the plant pallette particular attention has been given to plants that are hardy, robust-growing, and low- maintenance while embodying a more natural or wild aesthetic. The majority of these plants have a long season of interest, and for that reason are particularly useful in keeping our gardens attractive from spring into winter. As both gardeners and nature lovers, Andrew’s goal is to inspire and encourage imagination in the art of garden creating with respect to the dynamic beauty and emotion of nature.

Fairwinds Farm          

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Fairwinds Farm is a diverse 60 acre fruit and vegetable farm owned and operated by Pete and Cathy Karonis.  Pete retired from the Marine Corp in 1995 and started Fairwinds Farm shortly thereafter, with just three acres of mixed vegetables.  Cathy grew up in Bowdoinham and made her own entry into full-time farming in 1998.  In 2003 they joined the two farms and expanded to make Fairwinds Farm the successful farm that it is today.  The farm is located in both Topsham and Bowdoinham.  Topsham is the location of five greenhouses and five acres under cultivation; the rest of the produce is grown in Bowdoinham along the banks of the beautiful Kennebec River; this includes 12 acres of delicious strawberries; 3 acres of raspberries and 4 acres of high bush blueberries, and large assortment of vegetables. 

Fishbowl Farm  

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Chris Cavendish and Gallit Sammon grow organic vegetables on 18 acres on Merrymeeting Bay.  They are committed to producing healthful, nutritious and safe food of the highest quality while protecting the integrity of our environment. Chris grew up in Louisville, Kentucky playing in the family gardens and dreaming of one day being an Architect. After a few years working for a firm, he was accepted to MOFGAs’ “Farmer-in-Residence Program and Fishbowl Farm was born. Gallit  grew up on Long Island, New York where she began her career of cooking in her high schools’ culinary arts program. She furthered her education by attending the Culinary Institute of America. From these solid beginnings she went on to work for many renowned restaurants across the East Coast and abroad until she met Chris on a kitchen loading dock. Now their produce can be found year-round at  farmers markets, local restaurants and markets.

Gruff Acres Farm              

Diana and Dale Mosher started Gruff Acres Farm as a hobby when they entered retirement.  Now they have goats, hens, alpacas and several gardens. They raise both meat goats and dairy goats. Dale makes goat milk soap, which is so good for your skin! Diana makes cheeses, which she also teaches at the Long Branch School and Gardiner Adult Education.  Diana also creates greeting cards and does decorative tole painting.

Life Force Farm        

Ben Dearnley runs Life Force Farm, a diversified organic vegetable CSA that serves 30 customers with a Fall/Winter Share and a Spring  Share. He has been farming for 9 years and strives to create nutritious healthy soil and crops by balancing the soil chemistry and maintaining a biologically diverse rotation that leads to plants with higher levels of minerals and more resistance to insects and disease. Fall Winter have a wide variety of MOFGA certified organic produce including roots, cabbage, brussel sprouts, winter squash, garlic, onions leeks, spinach, lettuce and mixed greens like kale, collards and chard. The Spring Share includes all the winter storage crops and offers spring dug carrots and parsnips along with purple sprouting broccoli!

Six River Farm      

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Nate Drummond and Gabrielle Gosselin started Six River Farm in 2007.  It is a diverse organic vegetable farm located on the shores of Merrymeeting Bay.  Nate and Gabrielle own seven acres of fields and lease and additional eighteen.  They, along with their employees, grow twelve acres of vegetables, berries, herbs, and cut flowers and manage the remainder of their fields in cover crops for crop rotation.  Their produce is sold at the Brunswick farmers markets, as well as to restaurants and natural food stores in the area.  They also focus on season extension and have a wide range of unheated greenhouses that enable growing vegetables all year round.  In the winter they sell at the indoor farmers market in Brunswick.  

Stonecipher Farm         

Stonecipher Farm is a small diversified organic vegetable farm, purchased by Ian Jerolmack in 2009.  Ian’s love of farming began at a young age, despite the limitations of his suburban Pennsylvania setting; keeping chickens ducks and geese, and growing all sorts of vegetables and fruit.  After several years of apprenticeship and employment at various farms, Ian endeavored into the adventure of starting  his own farm from scratch.  While primary tillage is done with tractors, all planting, weeding, and harvesting, is done by hand.  Ian enjoys the quirky elements of his farm, and being able to maintain them, as his farm has grown.  Ian loves growing food is  proud to be a member of it of Maine’s agricultural community.