Meet the Farmers & Artists 2017

Apple Creek Farm

Apple Creek Farm is a second generation family farm. Established in 1985, Pete and Janet Galle moved their children and flock of sheep from Brunswick to Bowdoinham. Over the years more land was cleared for pastures and hayfields, the sheep flock increased, and eventually beef cows were introduced to the farm. Apple Creek Farm is currently managed by Jake Galle and Abby Sadauckas along with Pete and Janet Galle. All the land used by the farm is certified organic including leased hayfields and pastures. The products from beef cows, sheep, and goats are 100% grass-fed and certified organic. The laying hens are also certified organic as are the broilers, geese, and turkeys they raise.


Blue Bell Farm

David Asmussen & Meredith Eilers and Blue Bell Farm are on their third season growing organic produce in Bowdoinham.  Dave hails from upstate New York and first put a shovel in the soil in fourth grade when he dug up the back yard to plant radishes.  He met his partner Meredith when she was working at the college organic farm.  After adventures far and wide through several states, homesteads and farmland, they were excited to put down roots in Bowdoinham where they grow diverse vegetables, herbs and berries.  Dave is a graduate of MOFGA's Journey-person program and is proud to be farming on land with an agricultural conservation easement through the Maine Farmland Trust.  You can find their produce at local restaurants, natural food stores and the Bowdoinham Farmers' Market.


Campo di Fiori

Campo Di Fiori is a specialty nursery growing hardy wildflowers, ornamental grasses, and select cultivars. In creating the plant pallette particular attention has been given to plants that are hardy, robust-growing, and low- maintenance while embodying a more natural or wild aesthetic. The majority of these plants have a long season of interest, and for that reason are particularly useful in keeping our gardens attractive from spring into winter. As both gardeners and nature lovers, Andrew’s goal is to inspire and encourage imagination in the art of garden creating with respect to the dynamic beauty and emotion of nature.


Eagle Hill Farm

Eagle Hill Farm is a private horse farm owned by Sally Hildreth.  Sally opened her farm on a beautiful 80 acre property on River Road in 2008.  The farm offers equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning sessions using the EAGAL experiential model.


East of Eden Flower Farm

East of Eden Flower Farm is a specialty cut flower farm located on six acres on the shores of Merrymeeting Bay. Blessed with abundant fresh water, rich soil and surrounded by a strong agricultural community, the farm is now in its fourth season. Julia and David came to flower farming after each working on organic vegetable farms. They employ those same sustainable growing practices to produce over 65 unique annual and perennial flower varieties. In addition to managing a 50-member CSA, making retail bouquets for local grocery stores and marketing to boutique floral designers, the farm runs a successful seasonal floral design business and does more than 30 weddings a year. 


Fairwinds Farm

Fairwinds Farm is a diverse 60-acre fruit and vegetable farm owned and operated by Pete and Cathy Karonis.  Pete retired from the Marine Corp in 1995 and started Fairwinds Farm shortly thereafter, with just three acres of mixed vegetables.  Cathy grew up in Bowdoinham and made her own entry into full-time farming in 1998.  In 2003 they joined the two farms and expanded to make Fairwinds Farm the successful farm that it is today.  The farm is located in both Topsham and Bowdoinham.  Topsham is the location of five greenhouses and five acres under cultivation; the rest of the produce is grown in Bowdoinham along the banks of the beautiful Kennebec River; this includes 12 acres of delicious strawberries; 3 acres of raspberries and 4 acres of high bush blueberries, and large assortment of vegetables. 


Gruff Acres Farm

Diana and Dale Mosher started Gruff Acres Farm as a hobby when they entered retirement.  Now they have goats, hens, and several gardens. They raise both meat goats and dairy goats. Dale makes goat milk soap, which is so good for your skin! Diana makes cheeses, which she also teaches at the Long Branch School and Gardiner Adult Education.  Diana also creates greeting cards, decorative tole paintings, and painted jewelry made from table spoons.


Havenridge Farm

Debbie and Dick Spauling started Havenridge Farm as a hobby farm.  They raise a small herd of Black Angus cattle and raise their own chickens for meat and eggs. They also grow fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs. 


Harvest Tide Organics

Harvest Tide Organics is an organic produce farm in its second full year of production.  Eric and Bethany together grow mixed vegetables for their CSA and wholesale customers from Augusta to Portland.  It is their goal to provide healthy, affordable, organic produce for the region and to farm sustainably to preserve the great land they're on and the beautiful Merrymeeting Bay.


Left Field Farm

Sean Hagan started Left Field Farm in 2012. He and his farm crew grow a wide variety of organic vegetables, cut flowers, berries, and seedlings on eight acres nestled between neighboring farms on the edge of Merrymeeting Bay. They sell their produce through a CSA farm share program in Bowdoinham, Portland and South Portland; to restaurants and retail stores in Brunswick and Portland; and at the South Portland Farmers Market.


Six River Farm

Nate Drummond and Gabrielle Gosselin started Six River Farm in 2007.  It is a diverse organic vegetable farm located on the shores of Merrymeeting Bay.  Nate and Gabrielle own seven acres of fields and lease an additional eighteen acres.  They, along with their employees, grow twelve acres of vegetables, berries, herbs, and cut flowers and manage the remainder of their fields in cover crops for crop rotation.  Their produce is sold at the Brunswick farmers markets, as well as to restaurants and natural food stores in the area.  They also focus on season extension and have a wide range of unheated greenhouses that enable growing vegetables all year round.  In the winter they sell at the indoor farmers market in Brunswick.  


Stonecipher Farm

Stonecipher Farm is a certified organic mixed vegetable family farm on the River Road in Bowdoinham.  Purchased in 2009, Stonecipher Farm has grown from 1 acre of production, to more than 14 acres at present.  They make 100% of their income off the land, as well as employ 5 full-time persons from April through November.   Starting from a blank slate in 2009, everything has been built by Ian and his family.  Now in their 9th season, they are proud to be a corner stone of the Bowdoinham farming community.  Stonecipher Farm sells 100% wholesale; their bread and butter are restaurants, with 35 or so of the best restaurants in Portland.  They also sell to Whole Foods, Rosemont, and the Food Co-op.


Bill Stanton

Bill retired from a career in engineering in 2003, and has been creating his art full-time since then.  Bill’s art work consists of drawings and paintings, of still lifes, Maine landscapes, and people.  His large paintings often tell a story.


Catmint Garden & Gallery

Owner and artist, Sarah Ann Stapler specializes in miniature oil, watercolor and pastel paintings.  She also creates large paintings, cards and children's books.


Debbie Spaulding

As a self taught artist, Debbie uses many natural and man made structures as a starting point for her work.   Debbie is interested in the impression of a place and works to preserve an abstract expression of shapes, forms and lines.  Using commercial and hand  dyed or painted fabrics she works intuitively, using a process of constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing each piece.  Debbie uses the reconstructed segments of multi-pieced fabrics adding additional fabric as she moves through the design process to create a final composition.  Debbie uses freehand machine or hand quilting to complete the surface texture of each piece.


Diana Mosher

Diana creates greeting cards, decorative tole paintings, and painted jewelry made from tablespoons, when she’s not busy working on Gruff Acres Farm. 


Jane Page-Conway Fine Art Photography

Jane has been making and altering photographic images for over 30 years.  She’s an inquisitive experimenter, exploring both traditional wet darkroom & alternative photographic processes such as: infrared film, Polaroid manipulations and emulsion transfers, hand-tinting black and white photographs, cyanotype & kallitype.  Jane has learned to restructure her thinking in the digital age, blending the old with the new. And now she practices the ancient painting medium of encaustic wax with her photography. 


Kate Cutko

Kate is the director of the Bowdoinham Public Library as well as an adoption social worker.  Kate loves to craft with recycled materials; fabric, paper, book covers, old games and toys are just some of the craft materials in Kate's workshop.  She adores the Bowdoinham Recycling Barn and finds all the supplies and inspiration she needs there to make her crafts.


Lobster Buoy Birdhouses

Peter & Nikki Sullivan started making birdhouses in 2008. Each birdhouse, suet feeder, planter and ornament is handmade from Maine cedar, renowned for its decay resistance. The shape and rough texture simulate vintage buoys.  


Melissa M Fiori

Melissa is a Fiber Artist and has been working with felt for over 12 years.  Her passion is experimenting with different types fiber and coercing them to blend together.  Melissa is a member of the Bowdoinham Art Guild.  Her repertoire includes bags, scarves, mittens, table runners, vessels, pillows, hats, needle felted characters and wall hangings.  Melissa loves making fabric and designing with wool! 


Morphee Creations

Hand carved and  printed, Morphee Creations are inspired by local flora and fauna. Artist Manon Whittlesey prints her imagery onto up-cycled and re-purposed materials, from paper products and home decor to clothing on her home-made press.


Mortimer LaPointe Woodworking & Swan Island Restoration

Mortimer builds new furniture from reclaimed wood and repairs and restores antiques.  The pieces are crafted from a constantly changing collection of vintage reclaimed lumber. The beauty, shape and texture of each piece of wood is truly unique.



Lynn Sternfels creates graceful jewelry with gems and beads embedded in intricately crocheted wire, silk scarves with light-weight wool integrated into the fiber, and hand-painted silk scarves are all items she has developed while exploring her creativity.  They are beautiful accessories that make any outfit look special.


Watersong Music

Earl Bigelow created Watersong Music for the sharing and teaching of all the facets of music. Recording, performance and teaching music has become Earl’s happy occupation, and in his new studio he is able to do all three.


Merrymeeting Arts Center

Since opening in September 2007, Merrymeeting Arts Center has been an active member of the Bowdoinham community, providing a place where children and adults can participate in and enjoy the arts.  Inspired and guided by the eclectic spirit of Bryce Muir the center encourages art, education and community celebrating the cultural heritage and natural environment of Merrymeeting Bay.  Woven through its artists, programs and projects are MAC’s Values:  egalitarianism, whimsy, environmental consciousness and diversity.

The “S” in Arts is intentional.  “The arts” encompasses a broad range of arts including visual arts, literary arts and the performing arts – music, theatre, dance and film.  Bryce viewed “the arts” in the broadest sense and “artists” as all those who make art in any genre.  Bryce’s art – drawings, sculpture, music, performing arts, literature and boat building – embodied his belief that art is life and that whatever moves a person is art.


Arts Studio

The Merrymeeting Arts Center's Studio Project originally opened in the Spring of 2014 as a pottery studio with a focus on teaching beginning ceramic skills to persons of all ages and skill levels from the community and beyond.  In the Summer of 2017 it will expand its focus to incorporate arts of all kind. This will include pottery, drawing, painting, collage, as well as any other  interests and ideas from the community.  The Art Studio is a fun place to be to connect with the community, local artists and cultivate your own art expression. 


Bowdoinham Historical Society

The Bowdoinham Historical Society was established in 1970, by two dozen residents seeking “to collect and preserve records and physical objects relating to the history of Bowdoinham.” The Historical Society owns two properties, the Meeting House and Jellerson School. The Jellerson School & Merrymeeting Bay Museum is the last Bowdoinham one-room school house and welcomes classes from area schools for a full 1910-11 school day. The museum has a large display of of material relevant to Merrymeeting Bay and its importance to our town. BHS’s Research and Reading Room is located on the 3rd floor of the Coombs Municipal Building and is open Tuesdays 10-12 and 2-5.