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The Town of Bowdoinham has received a number of questions regarding this project and, as promised in the RFQ, is now providing answers to those questions for your information.  In the case of duplicate or closely worded questions, the answers are offered in a consolidated manner based on a common question.  The questions and answers are as follows:


1.      Does the project scope include other associated downtown improvements such as street lighting, benches, landscaping, tree planters, other landscape improvements, etc? 

The project does not include any downtown improvements such as street lighting, benches, landscaping, tree planters, or other landscape improvements. 

2.      Is there a need to include a landscape architect on the consultant project team?

The decision of who to include on the project team is up to the consultant.

3.      Does the master plan consider any grading easements, Right of Ways, etc or will the consultant be required to determine the ROW's and provide for any private easements as a part of the design and permitting process? What is anticipated for Scope of Services Item (3) ROW Acquisition Services (if necessary)?

The Town has not considered the right-of-ways yet.  The consultant will be required to determine the right-of-ways, if any additional land is required and the possible acquisition costs as part of the Preliminary Design Report.  The Town is interested in the Preliminary Design Report stating options for construction (i.e. width of sidewalk, shoulder, travel-way, etc) in order to avoid ROW Acquisition.  If ROW Acquisition is required, then the Town will be interested in the consultant’s guidance through the process.

4.      What is the level of public participation required for Scope of Services Item (4)?

Once the Preliminary Design Report is complete, the consultant will have to attend 1-2 public meetings in order to: present the report, discuss the Town’s construction options and answer any questions.

5.      What is anticipated for Scope of Services Item (10) Funding Application Assistance?

The Town will require one unbound, reproducible copy of the Preliminary Design Report for the Town’s use.

6.      What is the total project budget?

The total project budget is $668,750.00.

7.      Is there any Town consideration of phasing the improvements?

Yes, the Town will make the final decision on the phasing based on the Preliminary Design Report and public input.

8.      What is the project a timeline?

The Town’s goal is to maintain the following timeline, (if possible):

Ø      Approved Contract with Consultant  by March 15, 2010

Ø      Preliminary Design Report Complete by May 15, 2010

Ø      Public Input and Determine Project Scope for Construction by June 15, 2010

Ø      Complete Plans, Specifications & Estimates for Construction by September 1, 2010

Ø      Advertise Request for Qualifications/Proposal for Construction by November 15, 2010

Ø      Award Bid to Contractor by March 1, 2011

Ø      Complete Construction by November 1, 2011

9.      Should the Consultant team be expected to coordinate work with road improving projects within the Project Area that the Town is currently or will be undertaking in the next 3 years? If so please describe the improvements/expectations.

The Town is planning on rebuilding Center Street and School Street, so the Town will discuss the details of our plans with the consultant for use in the creation of the Preliminary Design Report.

10.  Does the Town/MDOT anticipate that all sidewalks will be curbed or may some be separated by a ditched or grass esplanade from the street? Are there plans for any at-grade walks using only striping?

MDOT requires that all the sidewalks meet the federal standards.  The Town interested in exploring its sidewalk options and the construction costs of those options through the Preliminary Design Report.

11.  In the Main Street area especially near the credit union, setbacks to buildings are minimal and the grade differences to provide a curbed section may result in additional grading and detailing on private properties.  Does the steering committee have any specific background information on the design intent in the more developed "downtown" areas?

Yes.  For Main Street the Town hopes to construct a minimum 4-foot wide sidewalk while maintaining a minimum 4-foot wide shoulder.  Additionally, the Town would like to create five parallel parking spaces along the Town owned property (across from the credit union. However, Main Street is a Stated owned right-of-way with some existing sidewalks, existing storm water drainage, existing water mains therefore the Preliminary Design Report should address what the Town’s options are and the costs of those options.

12.  Have any conceptual storm drainage plans been developed?


13.  Does the Town anticipate the addition of storm drainage systems due to the potential addition of curbed sidewalk sections?

Yes.  The Town aspects the Preliminary Design Report to address storm drainage.

14.  Does the master plan identify any wetlands or protected resource areas (other than the Cathance River) which might be impacted?

The Town has some GIS data for wetlands and other protected resource areas, which the Town is willing to provide to the selected consultant.  However, it shall be the consultant’s responsibility to identify wetlands and/or other protected resource areas for the creation of the Preliminary Design Report.

15.  Does the town have any utility or storm drainage information to provide to the consultant?

      The Town will try to provide the consultant with the location of the water mains.