2008-01-24 Planning Board Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2008

Item 1:        Call Regular Planning Board meeting to order at 7:02 pm

Members present:  Kay Evans, Ellen Baum, Paul Beltramini, and Billie Oakes
Alternate members present: Bill Shippen and Todd Woofenden
Members absent:  Zachau
Also present:  Nicole Briand, Town Planner/CEO

Shippen to be voting member to with Evans, Baum, Beltramini, and Oakes

Item 2:           Old Business

Hilltop Log and Timber Homes - Dan McKenna
Pond Road / Tax Map R2 Lot 64
        Pre-Application for a 4-lot Subdivision on Pond Road

Dan McKenna and Mr. McKenna’s agent, Chris Belanger of Belanger Engineering were present.  The discussion began with the question of the status of the application. Evans stated that she believed the Planning Board needed to make finding that they agree with the location of the open space so that the applicant could submit the preliminary subdivision application.  Briand read the Meeting Minutes from the application’s last review on September 27, 2007.   Beltramini asked about the outstanding issues: (a)  Are the quarries vernal pools? (b) The historic information has not been received. (c) Fire protection.  Belanger addressed the issues with the following:  
•    Quarries – The wetland scientist did not map the quarries as wetlands or potential vernal pools.
•    Historic Information – He has not contacted Maine Historic Preservation Commission yet, but is it planning on doing so.
•    Fire Protection – A fire hydrant is located at the intersection of Pond Road and Main Street.  He will be contacting the Fire Chief to discuss what will be required for fire protection.

Briand suggested the following:
•    Quarries – The applicant submit a letter from the Wetland Scientist stating that the quarries are not wetland or potential vernal pools, with their preliminary application submission.
•    Historic Information – That item is also on the Preliminary Application Checklist, so it could be dealt with in the preliminary application.
•    Fire Protection – This submission only requires the location of fire protection.  The Fire Chief will receive a copy of the preliminary application, when submitted, to review for the fire protection requirements. 

Evans asked the Board if they wanted to make a motion to approve this pre-application with the condition that these issues would be addressed during the preliminary application.

Shippen made a motion to approve this pre-application, with the condition that the application may have to be revised once the determination about the quarries and historic information is made.  Beltramini seconded the motion.  All voted in favor.

Mr. McKenna asked to speak informally to the Board about the issue of extending public water to the subdivision.  The Planning Board discussed the letters from the attorneys regarding whether the Planning Board has the authority to require that the water main be extended and the possibility of the Planning Board’s decision being appealed. 

Item 3:        New Business

Item 4:        Other Business

        Four Step Design Process

The Planning Board discussed the Four-Step Design process and what they should be expecting from an applicant.  

Item 5:        Adjourn Meeting at 9:00 pm