2009-09-24 Planning Board Meeting Minutes



September 24, 2009 (Approved 10-22-09)

Item 1:              Call Regular Planning Board meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Members Present: Ellen Baum (Chair), Paul Beltramini, Billie Oakes, and Brent Zachau

Alternate Members Present: Paul Baines, Brad Meads (New Member)

Others Present: Peter Taggart of Taggart Construction, Freeport, Maine and David Neujahr, Project Manager

Baum introduced Bradford Mead to the Board and the Board members introduced themselves to Mead.  Baum explained the duties of a Board Alternate.

Baum appointed Baines as a voting member for this meeting.

Item 2:              Consideration of the June 25, 2009 Meeting Minutes

                        Zachau moved to accept minutes as revised.  Beltramini seconded and all voted in favor.

Item 3:Old Business

                        Board signed the Approval Letter for the Gallant project.

Item 4:Other Business

Shoreland Zoning Pre-Application Meeting - Taggart Construction’s

Center Point Road(Map R 08- 023)

Property owners: Carol &Robert Patenaude

The application is for over 100 cu. Yd. of fill within the Shoreland Zone. 

The Board looked at a preliminary set of paperwork Neujahr presented. They will be reusing the existing foundation for a one (1) story house.

The Board then went through the Submission Requirements explaining what was needed to have a complete application.  Some of the suggestions were:

  • A larger copy of the road plan and where the three (3) culverts would be put.
  • A copy of the Lenna’s deed for right-of-way and location.
  • Fish and Wildlife, Nature Conservancy or D.E.P. over lays can be used for the mapping.
  • The dimensions, length and width, of the road are required.
  • A statement about the existing Wastewater Disposal System is needed.
  • The locations of the fill.
  • The level of the flood plan
  • Status of ownership of the roadway.

Baum explained that the application had to be submitted by October 1, 2009, three (3) weeks before the Board’s October 22, 2009 meeting and a public hearing will be scheduled for that meeting.  In the mean time they could take down the existing building and bring into the site what they can without the update to the road. 

Planning Board Workshops

It was noted that Board member Bill Shippen was absent, therefore his presentation on Reading Deeds will be postponed.  Baum asked and Baines volunteered to make a list of topics of interest to the Board. Baines will give a presentation on soils at the next meeting, time permitting.

Item 5:              Adjourn Meeting