Public Works Facility Project Information

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The Town originally purchased the current location of the Public Works Department in 1998, and made several upgrades to the former warehouse to make it habitable for the Public Works Department. In addition, the sand/salt pile was moved from the Mailly Waterfront Park to its current location.  The current building has served the Town for the last 18 years. During this time, the Town has continued to acquire and upgrade the public works equipment and now plow and sand the majority of the roads in Bowdoinham instead of contracting for this purpose. 


The Public Works Garage structure is not large enough to store all of the Town’s equipment (as the layout is not sufficient), does not allow for the current equipment to be repaired and maintained by the crew inside a heated bay, and does not include adequate bathroom, kitchen and office facilities.  It also does not have adequate storage facilities for the various fluids and parts that are needed for the Public Works operation. The building is not efficient to heat and additional insulation cannot be installed without expensive upgrades to the structure including a new cement floor, steel trusses and wall framework.  In order to be continued to be used as a Public Works Garage, the existing siding, roofing, heating, electrical, and lighting systems would need to be significantly upgraded. In addition, significant structural reinforcing will need to be completed as determined by an engineer that reviewed the building for the Town.

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