Winter Mailbox Damage



Mailbox replacement:
The Public Works Department and our subcontractor make every attempt to avoid mailbox damage during winter operations but sometimes damage can not be avoided. In the event your mailbox or post is damaged, we ask that you make any needed repairs. If you are not able, please call the Public Works Department at 666-3503 and we will attempt to repair your mailbox. This is a repair first policy; we will only replace your mailbox or post if the present post and box cannot be repaired. When mailboxes are replaced it is done with a 4 by 4 inch post and a standard metal box. We will not replace custom boxes or posts. State of Maine law views mailboxes as an encroachment in the public way and are placed at the owner’s risk.  Municipalities are not legally liable for any damage or repairs to mailboxes due to plowing operations. Below an example of a proper mailbox installation.