Snowplowing Information

Winter Parking:
We understand that winter parking can be difficult due to heavy snowfall, limited parking, etc. But we ask that you do not park on the side of the road. Our snow removal equipment is very large and it is difficult to maneuver around vehicles located on the side of the road. Also, vehicles parked on the side of the road are very difficult to see during heavy snow storms and cause potential damage. If you need alternate parking during storms, Mailly Waterfront Park is plowed all winter for public parking.
Driveway snow removal:
During the winter months we know removing snow from the end of your driveway can be frustrating. The placement of snow at the end of your driveway cannot be avoided by our snow removal equipment. On the Public Works page of our website, we have posted an example of what you can do to help keep this to a minimum. Also we would like to remind you there is a state law (29A MRSA 2396) that prohibits pushing of snow into the public way.
Courtesy sand pile:
We ask that you keep to the two five gallon bucket limit per visit. It is very important that we stay within this limit to assure there is sand for everyone. Please, no pickup truckloads or commercial haulers. The taking of salt is strictly prohibited.