Recycling Changes for Plastics and Glass

With the recent news about China limiting their use and re-use of several types of recyclable materials from the United States, the market for certain plastics and all glass that we used to recycle has changed. We are now no longer able to sell these materials and therefore these materials need to be disposed of with your household garbage.



Most items made from plastic are marked with a number (1 – 7) usually on the bottom of the item inside a triangle of arrows.


The Recycling Barn will still accept #1 and #2 plastics, but will no longer accept #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7 plastics for recycling.


Examples of different plastic containers:


#1: plastic bottles for water, juice, mouthwash, peanut butter jars and salad dressing


#2: milk jugs, water jugs, laundry detergent containers, shampoo bottles and yogurt containers.


#3: toys, take-out food containers, cling wrap, shower curtains


#4: grocery bags, bread bags, garbage bags, plastic wrap


#5: straws, opaque plastic containers like Rubbermaid, bottle caps


#6: Styrofoam food containers, disposable cups and plates, deli food plates, packaging, packing peanuts


#7: baby bottles, sippy cups, large 3 or 5 gallon water storage containers


The easiest way to determine if an item can be recycled is to look for the symbol above with a #1 or #2 in it. If it has the #1 or #2, it can be recycled. If not, throw it away.



All glass items must now be thrown away with household garbage including jars and bottles.


We appreciate your help with the changes and hope that you continue to recycle your newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper and #1 and #2 plastics and always properly dispose of everything else. For questions, please contact the Recycling Department at 666-3228.