Waste and Recycling Guidelines may 2018



TOWN OF BOWDOINHAM WASTE HANDLING GUIDELINES Barn is open Thursdays and Saturdays 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Revised November 2018


 For more information, call 666-3228



Recyclable Materials: Picked up curbside or delivered to the Recycling Barn

(Must be clean, dry and separated into the following categories):

Corrugated Cardboard – includes brown kraft (grocery) bags. Please break down boxes.

Newsprint – includes anything that comes with the newspaper

Magazines – including catalogues and other similar glossy print

Mixed paper – any and all clean paper not included in previous categories (Corrugated, Newsprint, Magazines) including cereal and soap boxes, pasteboard containers, tissues, toweling, window envelopes, paper plates, cups, etc. NO PLASTIC PLEASE

Comingled Containers – any clean household containers of glass or metal. Any plastic marked #1 - #7. #2 oil bottles must be completely drained. CAPS MUST BE REMOVED FROM ALL CONTAINERS.

 Styrofoam containers and packing are not picked up curbside but may be brought to the recycling barn (please bag peanuts separately).


OTHER MATERIALS ACCEPTED – Delivered to Barn only (no curbside pickup)

Food waste – all kitchen and sink waste, including bones, and meat scraps. Please deliver food waste in your pail or bucket which can be dumped and taken home. Please do not bring food waste in plastic bags (NO PLASTIC).

Oversize Bulky Waste (OBW) – mattresses, chairs, couches, TV sets, etc. A disposal fee based on item’s size and weight is required.

Waste Oil and Antifreeze – deliver in 1 or 2 gallon capped containers. No oil filters or quart containers please.

Waste Wood – used to heat Recycling Barn. Please deliver in lengths 48” or less, under 15” width. Boards and dimension lumber suitable for reuse may be delivered full length.

Leaves and Grass Clippings – may be left on pile next to Post Road. No brush please.

Tires – car tires 16” or smaller $2.50 each; Pro rata fees for larger tires.

Scrap Metal and White Goods – (appliances, etc.) $14.00 processing fee for appliances utilizing Freon coolant. 20# propane tanks $1.00, other sizes $20. No charge for tanks with valve removed.

Household Hazardous Waste no charge for oil-based or latex paint, lawn and garden chemicals, mercury-containing devices, florescent light bulbs, ballasts and rechargeable batteries.

Asphalt shingles – small amounts of asphalt shingles (less than a wheelbarrow load) can be received at the Barn. For larger amounts, please call 666-3228 or 751-2809 for further information



 Trash and recyclable material are picked up at curbside on Thursdays.

 Trash must be in securely tied bags no larger than 30 gallon capacity, weighing no more than 25 pounds and must have a trash tag attached.

 Recyclable materials, properly separated and bagged, are picked up at no extra charge.

 Corrugated cardboard must be securely tied in bundles no larger than 2’ x 3’.

 Recyclable materials must be in clear plastic bags for curbside pickup. Bags must be securely tied

 Tags and recycling bags are available at the Town Office, the Bowdoinham Hardware Store and the Town Landing.

TOWN OF BOWDOINHAM WASTE HANDLING GUIDELINES Barn is open Thursdays and Saturdays 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Revised November 2018

For more information, call 666-3228



 To recycle yard and food scraps instead of disposing of them

 To create healthy fertilizer for your garden



 Anywhere in your yard, preferably in the sun

 In an open pile

 In a purchased composting bin

 In a homemade composting bin

 4 used pallets fastened at corners

 Chicken wire

 Anything that will let air and rain in and through



 “browns” – sawdust, shredded brush and branches, leaves, straw, wood shavings, dry grass clippings

 “greens” – weeds, grass clippings, wood stove ashes, flowers, grain-eating livestock manure, vegetable and fruit scraps, grain product scraps (bread, pasta, etc.), crushed egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, (Leave out meat, fish, bones, or cheese if you don’t want animal visitors)



 Place the materials that you have available in your pile

 Try for at least half “browns” to let the compost “heat up”

 Layer your materials or mix them up

 When you have more to add, just pile them on top, or dig a hole in the pile, put them in and cover them

 Either leave the pile alone for a year or so, or if you want faster results, turn the pile every few weeks to let the air get to the inside

 When you can’t tell what went into it anymore and the pile is all brown and crumbly – That’s Compost!



 We do when you keep materials out of the waste stream

 You do when you use your compost – “brown gold” – as fertilizer for your garden to make soil healthy and rich!