Route 24 Corridor Management Plan

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Connecting Maine, the state’s long-range transportation plan (2008-2030), was developed by the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) with assistance from the 11 Regional Councils, including the Midcoast Council of Governments (MCOG). As part of the Connecting Maine planning process, the Regional Councils identified thirty-eight Corridors of Regional Economic Significance for Transportation (CRESTs). In the Midcoast region, Route 24 was identified as CREST Priority #2 (Route 1 was identified as Priority #1). The next step is to define "a prioritized list of transportation and other strategies that will meet the regional objectives of each Corridor of Regional Economic Significance."

In the fall of 2012, the Midcoast Council of Governments (MCOG) convened an advisory committee to develop a Corridor Plan for Route 24 from Harpswell to Richmond (see map of study area, Figure 1). The plan advisory committee met several times over the next several months to identify Route 24 issues and concerns, establish objectives for the corridor, develop strategies, and approve a regional plan for the corridor to submit to MaineDOT.

Members of the public were encouraged to speak with the plan advisory committee, which included town staff and officials from each of the five Route 24 communities in the region as well as other stakeholders recommended by the towns. There were specific opportunities for public participation at each stage of the process, publicized in local newspapers as well as locally by each town office.

The Route 24 Corridor Plan will guide MaineDOT investments in the future, and it is important to have a plan in place as funding becomes available. There is currently no specific budget allocated for plan implementation.