01-14-2014 Select Board Meeting Minutes


Town of Bowdoinham

Select Board Meeting

January 14, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.


1.         Call the Meeting to Order & Establish a Quorum


The meeting was called to order and quorum established by Chairman Hobart at 5:31 p.m.  Select Board members Brian Hobart, M. Theresa Turgeon, Wendy Cunningham, and Doug Tourtelotte were present.  Board member Kathy Gallant arrived at 5:33 p.m. Staff present included Town Manager William Post. Also present was George Christopher, David Engler, and Kathy and David Tome. Dean Beckwith arrived at approximately 5:55 p.m. 


2.         Amendments to the Agenda – Item 3.B.2 added


3.         Approve Consent Calendar

  1. Meeting Minutes of December 10, 2013

B.   Warrants & Financial Reports:

1.   Treasurer’s Warrant #42 for $316,196.45

2.   Treasurer’s Warrant #43 for $341.90

            C.  Reports & Communications

                  1.   Sheriff’s December Incident Report

                  2.   Fire Department’s November Incident Report


On motion of Turgeon/Tourtelotte, the Board voted 4 – 0 to approve the Consent Calendar as presented.


4.         Action Items

A.  Act on Tax Supplemental #2 for Juniper Hill Farm, LLC in the amount of $684.96


The Manager explained that the owner of this property is removing 2.5 acres out of the Farm Land Program and adding the acreage to the 1 acre house lot. The penalty is $684.96 for the previous five years.  The penalty has already been paid.


            On motion of Hobart/Tourtelotte, the Board voted 4 – 0 to approve Supplemental #2 in the amount of $684.96 for Juniper Hill Farm, LLC.


B.   Act on Advisory Committee on Aging By-laws as Revised


Board member Theresa Turgeon stated that the Advisory Committee on Aging has requested that the committee be expanded from seven members to nine. The Manager presented revised by-laws for the committee to reflect this change.


On motion of Tourtelotte/Cunningham, the Board voted 5 – 0 to approve the Revised By-laws for the Advisory Committee on Aging.


C.  Act on Appointment of Jeanine Beaudoin to the Advisory Committee on Aging


The Manager stated that since the by-laws were just revised to expand the Aging Committee, Jeanine Beaudoin would like to serve on the Committee. This would be for the remainder of a three-year term, ending June 30, 2016.


            On motion of Tourtelotte/Gallant, the Board voted 5 – 0 to appoint Jeanine Beaudoin to the Advisory Committee on Aging for a term ending June 30, 2016.


5.         Discussion Items


            A.  Meet with Kathy Tome regarding Bowdoinham Food Pantry and Heating Assistance Fundraiser


            Kathy Tome states that the Food Pantry hours were changed to Fridays 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. In addition, the Food Pantry has stopped serving any customers that show up, and now limits the service to Bowdoin and Bowdoinham residents. In November and December, the Food Pantry served 55 clients representing 225 people from Bowdoinham. The Food Pantry has not served any clients from Bowdoin yet, so Tome contacted the principle at Bowdoin Central School to help advertise the service.


            Chair Hobart asked if the Pantry is receiving enough food donations. Tome stated that the community has been very supportive both with food donations and with monetary donations.


            Tome stated that the Midcoast Hunger Prevention Council wants the pantry to apply for 501(c)(3) status through the IRS, but she wants to wait on that issue and to keep the service small.


            Tome stated that two farmers each week make soup and this is provided on Fridays as a hot meal to clients.


            Chair Hobart asked if there are enough volunteers and if Tome shops for food with the monetary donations. Tome stated that there are enough volunteers and each task is delegated so no volunteer is overwhelmed. There are two volunteers that serve as shoppers. The Food Pantry has procedures in place for the entire operation.


            Tome stated that the Heating Assistance Fundraiser is scheduled for February 1st at the Bowdoinham Community School, 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. The Ladies Auxiliary will be cooking the dinner and there will be live music and a live auction as well. Tickets are $10 per person or $25 for a family. Also, if someone cannot afford to pay, then they should be referred to Tome and that can be taken care of.


            The Board thanked Tome for all her work and success.


            B.   Review Draft Budget Calendar


            The Manager presented the draft Budget Calendar for the Board’s discussion. The fiscal year 2015 budget will be presented to the Finance Advisory Committee on March 4th. After the FAC reviews the budget, the Select Board will review the budget on April 22nd. The Board’s public hearing on the budget is scheduled fro May 6th, which is not a regular meeting night. The Town Meeting warrant will also be approved that night by the Board. Town Meeting is scheduled fro June 11th. The Manager stated that there are several different items for the town meeting this year, including the new Comprehensive Plan and the new TIF for the CMP Project. He asked the Board if they preferred to hold the town meeting at the school this year. The Board agreed that the school should be used for the town meeting.   


            C.  Discuss Tax Acquired Property Redemption by Former Owner


            The Manager stated that the former owner of a property on Little Egypt Lane came to the Town Office to pay the 2012 taxes before the automatic lien foreclosure date of December 30, 2012. The Manager spoke with the owner, Raymond Siegler, and advised him that the 2011 taxes were not paid and that the lien for that tax year foreclosed in February 2013. The owner would like to retain ownership of the property. The amount owed on the account for 2011 through 2014 tax years is approximately $4,200.


            Chair Hobart stated that he feels that the owner should pay the entire balance owed on the property in order to retain ownership. Board member Tourtelotte agreed.


            Board member Turgeon asked what the market value of the property is. Board member Gallant stated that it could be worth $50,000, but without knowing about the property, that would be an estimate.


            On motion of Turgeon/Tourtelotte, the Board voted 5 – 0 to offer the property back to the former owner, Raymond Siegler, for full payment of all taxes owed by February 28, 2014.


6.         Town Manager’s Report


            The Manager stated that the Public Works budget is still in good shape considering the recent series of storms that turned into lengthy events. The crew has begun using the ‘old’ sand in the sand pile that has not been touched for the past few years. There may be a need to purchase more sand before the winter is over. The Manager stated that there may be reimbursements for the series of storms from MEMA and FEMA.


            The Manager stated that the Heating Assistance Fund began the season with $1,543 in the account and the Town has received $3,611 in donations. The Town has provided approximately $2,000 in assistance to Bowdoinham families for heat through the fund.


            The Manager stated that workers’ compensation insurance premium has decreased for 2014 by $2,685 from 2013 due to a better experience modifier. The unemployment compensation premium has also decreased by $2,458 because of an increase in the dividend from the MMA pool.


            The Manager stated that he is reviewing health insurance options for the Town’s benefit eligible employees and there will be changes, mostly because of the Affordable Health Care Act.


            The Manager stated that he has had electrical wiring upgrades at the Town Office to include adding wiring for the internet streaming of Select Board meetings and for the creation of a ‘business center’ for residents to use. He expects the first broadcast of the Select Board meeting will be February 11th.


7.         Select Board Member’s Request for Agenda Items for Next Meeting – None


8.         Announce Future Meetings and Events (Meetings at Coombs Building unless noted)

A.  Select Board Meetings

1. January 28th – Regular Meeting

2. February 11th – Regular Meeting


9.         Comments from Select Board Members


            Board member Turgeon stated that she has heard good comments about the library. She also asked about the TIF process and how projects were added to the TIF discussion. The Manager stated that the Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) was tasked by the Board last summer or fall to work with Nicole Briand and the consultant the Town hired on the new TIF for the CMP project. The CDAC has held a few public meetings to receive input and suggestions for projects that may be paid for using the TIF revenue. The CDAC will present there work and suggestions to the Select Board in March, the Board will review and discuss, and then the proposed TIF will be presented at a public hearing for additional public input. After that, the new TIF needs to be approved by a town meeting vote. It is important to note that not all projects that are included in the TIF documents will be accomplished; but by including them in the TIF allows TIF revenue to be used for them. Each project will still need approval of the Select Board at the time the project is proposed to be accomplished.


             Board member Kathy Gallant stated that she heard a rumor that Bowdoinham will be included in Downeast Magazine’s top ten most desirable places to live in an upcoming issue. Board member Tourtelotte stated that this would be a huge compliment for the town.


            Tourtelotte asked about the weight limit on the Abagadasset Bridge on Brown’s Point Road. The Manager stated that he does not know what the limit is, but he and CMP have asked the State DOT to provide the last inspection report with any weight restrictions.


10.       Comments from the Public – None


11.       Adjourn


            The meeting adjourned by acclamation at 6:10 p.m.



                                    Select Board                                                                                                   

                                    Town of Bowdoinham, Maine   Brian Hobart, Chair




                                                                                                M. Theresa Turgeon, Vice-Chair




                                                                                                Wendy Cunningham




                                                                                                Kathleen Gallant




                                                                                                Douglas Tourtelotte



                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,




                                                                                                William S. Post, Town Manager