Skatepark Project

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Bowdoinham has a dream for its youth—a place in the village where kids can gather to skateboard, bike, and play. Children showed their enthusiasm for this idea in the spring of 2015, when nearly half ranked skateboarding as their top choice from a dozen or so exciting electives at the community school.  After only 4 sessions, the girls and boys were skateboarding with confidence and showing off new skills.  They all mentioned they needed a good surface and space for skateboarding since their gravel driveways and kitchen floors just weren’t adequate!


            Over ten years ago, Bowdoinham started the effort to create a skatepark.  Residents wanted to honor a town youth, Matt Parker, an avid skateboarder who passed on suddenly.  They wanted to give young people not involved in traditional sports a place to call their own—whether for skateboarding, BMX bikes, scooters or roller blades.  Children contributed through bottle drives and donations poured in.  Enough money was raised to pay for a gravel base on a village plot that was donated by a local business, putting the future park at the center of community life.  An experienced skatepark design firm developed a plan for the space in 2013.


            While we have raised $30,000 and have made progress, we need another $30,000 to complete construction and landscaping.  We would like to close this gap by the spring of 2016 so that our dream can be finally realized. 


Your help is greatly appreciated!