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Solid Waste Committee

Meeting Minutes - draft

December 8, 2009


Members Present: Tade Mahoney, Chris Jackson, Dale Mosher, Dave Reinheimer, Elaine Diaz, and Howard Solomon


Staff Present: David Berry and Nicole Briand


Members of the Public Present: George Christopher


I)                   Introductions


Everyone introduced themselves.


II)                Set the Meeting Agenda


Nicole suggested that the group had selecting a chair and vice chair for the committee and volunteered to take minutes.  The group decided to wait until their next meeting to select a chair and vice chair once they get to know each other better.


III)             Create Work Plan with Timeline


The committee discussed creating a work plan with a timeline. 

The committee discussed the timeframe. 

§         Why was the original deadline June?  The leases, with the Barn and with the curbside pick-up contractor, are both up in June.  Is there an issue with either contract? Is there something that needs to be determined by June?  Nicole will obtain a copy of the contracts for the committee.

§         The Selectboard set June as a deadline when they decided to create the committee in July/August.  But when they appointed the Committee members in November they acknowledged that June would not be enough time and asked the committee to determine the timeframe they would need to complete the work.

§         The committee discussed why the appointments are for two years.  The Town’s Ordinance requires two year appointments and the ordinance is based on a State requirement.  The committee discussed what they are supposed to do for two years…this task, other tasks?


The committee discussed who they are supposed to answer to.  The Selectboard appointed the committee and created the tasks.  Nicole suggested that members to write down any questions they had regarding there appointments and committee’s tasks and she would forward them to Kathy, Town Manager.


The committee discussed the Report that was completed by the last Solid Waste Study Committee and how to integrate/use the previous work that this committee does not have to repeat the same work.  The committee agreed to review the Report and this Committee’s Tasks to determine what information can be used from the Report.  The committee agreed to postpone the creation of their work plan until the next meeting once they have had a chance review the Report and Tasks in more detail.  Nicole asked the committee to email her any thoughts they have on the work plan once they review the Report and Tasks.


The committee discussed scheduling a tour of the barn before their next meeting so that they can better discuss the work plan at the next meeting.  The committee agreed to tour the barn and its operations on Saturday, December 19th at 8 am.


IV)             Review Survey


The committee briefly looked at the survey and agreed to review the survey before the next meeting.  The committee will email Nicole any suggested changes by December 23rd.  Nicole will compile the changes and send the information out to the committee one week before their next meeting.


V)                Calendar Planning


§        Tour of Barn – December 19th at 8:00 am

§        Next Meeting – January 6th at 6:30 pm


VI)             Adjourned at 8:15 pm.