Solid Waste Committee Tasks

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Solid Waste Committee Tasks




The mission of the Bowdoinham Solid Waste Committee is to advise the Select Board on matters related to the efficiency and effectiveness of the municipal solid waste and recycling program as well as to educate the community on matters related to solid waste and recycling. The Committee is responsible for encouraging citizens to participate in recycling and to suggest new policies and procedures which will further strengthen the program.




  1. The Committee will conduct a comprehensive study of Bowdoinham’s current system of managing its solid and hazardous waste and its recycling program.  Included in this study will be the program’s cost effectiveness and efficiencies, service level, safety, degree of employee handling of materials, etc. 
  2. The Committee will identify current trends in technology for possible implementation in Bowdoinham including sorting and handling of materials, data collection, reporting, etc.
  3. The Committee will visit model programs of other municipalities.
  4. The Committee will conduct a comprehensive survey to determine rate of participation and identify potential reasons and/or barriers for nonparticipation.
  5. The Committee will investigate alternate programs currently used by Bowdoinham residents for efficiencies, costs, convenience, and recycling.
  6. The Committee will evaluate the current condition of the recycling facility and determine feasibility and costs of long term usage.
  7. The Committee will evaluate the safety compliance, injury rate, and risk management of the current programs (solid waste, hazardous waste, and recycling).
  8. The Committee will study the feasibility of developing a regional program serving the towns of Richmond, Bowdoin, and Bowdoinham




  1. Develop a five year Solid Waste Management Plan
  2. If appropriate, develop a Request for Proposal for a town-wide contract for all waste services.


Budget:  $2,000 (from current Solid Waste operating budget)