2006-01-19 Water District Trustees Minutes

JANUARY 19, 2006

Don Oakes, Chairman
Brant Miller, Treasurer
Harvey Freeman, Clerk
Steve Cox, Trustee
Gordon Johnson, Trustee

Arthur McLean, Superintendent
Gina Flower, Office Manager
Craig Douglas, Wright-Pierce

The meeting was brought to order at 6:35 p.m. by Chairman Oakes.

VOTED: On motion of Freeman, seconded by Johnson to approve the minutes of the meeting
of December 15, 2005 as written. So voted.

VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Freeman to approve the financial report for the
month of December as written. So voted.

Several matters were discussed in regard to the upcoming rate increase. The matter of whether or not we can have reserve accounts for replacing mains was discussed. Gina thought we could set up a reserve account, but Steve was not sure how much P.U.C. would let us put in a reserve account. We will check on this should the time come that we have extra funds that we would like to put in a reserve account. It was also suggested that we look at how we account for Depreciation. We should also seriously look into doing the Millay Road/Preble Road loop.

Brant suggested that the Trustees form some sort of Asset Management Board to discuss long range planning. Suggested topics would be the loop, the redundant well and main replacement. Brant, Gordon and Harvey will try to get together to work on this.

The Rural Development Loan was closed in December, 2005, so our first loan payment and the beginning of the Reserve Fund will be due by December, 2006.

Art noted that he purchased a ladder to use at the new tank. The question was posed as to whether the ladder meets OSHA requirements. Craig assured the Trustees that it is long enough to get up to the cage and it does meet OSHA requirements.

Craig is working on a letter to Natgun regarding the completion date. The substantial completion deadline per the contract is tomorrow, January 20, 2006. It appears now that the tank should be ready for use by February 1st. Craig is trying very hard to cover the District in case of any problems. The contract stipulates that we could charge $500/day fee for going over the finish date. The Trustees wondered what our approach on this matter should be. Craig suggested that we document anything that is an extra cost due to the delay.

It was agreed that, instead of only half filling the tank, that we should fill the tank completely prior to putting the tank on line. There is no frost in the ground right now and unless we get lots of snow between now and February 1st, there is a low chance of any of the mains developing a problem this winter due to the extra pressure.

It was agreed that Gina should send out letters to the customers that will be affected by the increased pressure generated by the new tank. The customers involved would include all the Bowdoin residents, all customers on Preble Road and several on Main Street. Are will personally get in touch with Mr. Lamontagne at the Meadowbrook Trailer Park. The customers should be advised that if they have plumbing that they are concerned about that they should call a plumber and have things checked out. Anything from the main in is the owner’s responsibility.

The Fire Departments should also be contacted reminding them that they should open and close the hydrants slowly when they use them so as not to create a water hammer which could cause the piping in the system to fail. The hydrant on Route 201 is used a lot and if they do not use proper procedure when opening and closing the hydrant it could really pose a problem for the district.

The matter of the Town of Bowdoin’s fire protection fee was discussed. Their annual fee will increase with the addition of the new tank. It was suggested that their new rates begin with the April billing. Gina will check the PUC determination on their case to see whether or not we can do that or if their new rates would begin after the new rate schedule goes into effect.

Art wondered if it would be possible to upgrade the programming at the pump station so that he could switch from tank to tank. The Trustees approved this change. Art will contact AEC to have the change made to system.

The matter of the fence restoration was discussed. It was agreed that all we really need is cattle gates at both of the locations. Natgun will put up the posts, we will have to replace the fences and gates.

We received a letter from Paul Gustafson regarding the state of Preble Road. Craig will take the letter to Natgun for remediation. The contractor will be directed to do temporary stabilization for this winter and as soon as the weather permits, the ground will be repaired and brought back as close to original state as possible. The projection shows that this work should be done by mid April.

The next progress meeting will be held on Thursday, January 26th at 3:00 p.m.

The warrant for the month was reviewed and approved in the amount of $14,405.29.

The paperwork for a new Certificate of Deposit at the Credit Union was signed by the Chairman. One of the checks on the warrant was a transfer to the Northeast Bank account to cover the monthly payments for the truck. It was agreed that we should pay off the truck loan as soon as possible.

Art reported that all of the 12” line for the new tank was installed just before Christmas. It took almost a week to thaw out the pipe in the tank. The valve to the tank had been left open when the contractor filled the new line. The tank is being filled now. There is about 15’ of water in the tank. It should be full by next Thursday. Both of the distribution pumps are in. The bacteria test on the new line was done and came back negative.

The vault at the old tank was full of water. The cover was not sealed properly. The contractor will come back and make repairs and reseal the cover properly.

Old Business - None

Action Items:

Emergency Contingency Plan - no change
Personnel Policy for the District - no change
Wellhead Protection Plan - no change
Efficiency Maine Grant - Steve got a call regarding what he submitted for the grant. The pay back in years was too long. Steve will re-submit the application with figures that were suggested to him.

New Business:

The matter of the Maine Water Utilities Association meetings in early February at the Civic Center was discussed to see if any of the Trustees would like to attend.

VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Freeman to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 p.m.
So voted.