2006-03-16 Water District Trustees Minutes

MARCH 16, 2006

Don Oakes, Chairman
Brant Miller, Treasurer
Harvey Freeman, Clerk
Steve Cox, Trustee
Gordon Johnson, Trustee

Arthur McLean, Superintendent
Gina Flower, Office Manager
Craig Douglas, Wright-Pierce
Alex Wong, Maine Rural Water

The meeting was brought to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chairman Oakes.

Mr. Wong, from Maine Rural Water Association, was present to give the Board an overview of the Wellhead Protection Program, including the reasons for the program, why it is a good idea, and why we should be concerned about our source site.

First off, the State does not insist that we have a wellhead protection program. So far it is all voluntary. We should consider recording everything within a half mile of the well site to see if we should apply for any waivers.

There are four parts to a wellhead protection program:

Potential contaminant source inventory
Management plan
Contingency plan

If we had two wells and used both at the same time, it would make our area of influence much larger.

VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Freeman to have Maine Rural Water do a Wellhead
Protection Program for the District. The program should be finished by June. So voted.

It was suggested that we do some form of public notification. The Trustees all agreed that this would probably be a good idea.

At the last meeting the District asked Wright-Pierce to review their agreement for construction of a second well at the McIver Pump Station site. Craig Douglas reviewed the agreement and took their senior staff hydro geologist, Gary Smith, out to the site to review the present day conditions. Craig was present to update the Board on the work plan and budget that Wright-Pierce suggests for moving forward.

The total estimated cost to drill a second well and connect it to the current system would be about $150,000. The matter was discussed and in light of the rate increase that the Board is planning to cover the cost of the tank project, and the fact that the current well is producing enough water to serve the district, it was agreed that we should hold off on making any definite decisions on such a costly project at the present time. Several of the Trustees are currently working on a Capital Projects List and the Board will consider starting a sinking fund for capital projects with the next budget. Therefore, it was agreed that, although we appreciate the work that has been done by Wright-Pierce on this project to date, we would wait to make any final decisions on the project.

Craig did ask if the Board would like to get the final seismic data from Jacques Whitford. The seismic refraction data analysis to determine the depth of bedrock beneath the District’s land will be very useful to determine where the optimum location would be to obtain the deepest well and highest yield possible.

VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Johnson to wrap up the matter of getting the final
seismic data from Jacques Whitford. The cost for this information should be about
$950. So voted.

Craig noted that the new tank is showing signs of some slight cracking. There is a little weeping where the panels come together. Natgun will be here on Monday to take care of the problem.

Craig has coordinated a meeting with Kevin Prout, Bowdoinham Public Works, to get his opinion of what the Town wants Preble Road to look like when Natgun is finished with the repair work. Craig will have these suggestions worked into the punch list. The contractor will be here in April to make the repairs. Art will look to see if there is some gravel around that could be used to prevent someone from getting stuck until the repairs are finished. Maybe Kevin could drop some stone in the area.

VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Cox to approve the minutes of the meeting of
February 16, 2006. So voted.

VOTED: On motion of Freeman, seconded by Miller to approve the financial report for the
month of February as written. So voted.

The warrant for the month was reviewed and approved in the amount of $8,999.47.

Two checks were written from the project account.

Gordon was asked how the Bowdoin Town Meeting went, since he was the only one that was at the meeting. He said that there was major road discussion so the matter of the increased fire protection fee didn’t get as much attention as he had expected. There were a lot of questions and concerns, but no major outbursts. Gordon explained the difference between the fees for the two towns. The item passed, but not unanimously.

Steve is working on a draft letter that he thinks should go to the Public Utilities Commission regarding the fire protection fee for the Town of Bowdoin in light of the stipulation that was granted several years ago when the pressure in the Bowdoin hydrants was so low.

There was a problem at one of the Bowdoinham town buildings while Art was on vacation. There was a pipe break in the building causing a lot of water to be lost before the water could be turned off at the street. Water was coming out of the basement windows before anyone noticed that there was a problem. The Town had already lost the furnace before the District was even called to the site. Brant and Steve did their best to get the water shut off in the street, but could not get the wrench to work properly. Kevin finally got the water shut off. The Town will probably send a letter requesting a rebate on their water bill because we could not shut the water off immediately and all the water lost went through the meter. The Board agreed that some kind of rebate would be a good idea.

Art noted that someone has been using the hydrant on 138/201 without permission. The meter was frozen solid on one occasion just before Art went on vacation. The crew of the Bowdoin and Bowdoinham Fire Departments will keep an eye on the hydrant and notify the District if they see anyone getting water from any hydrant that is not officially connected with the District or either Town.

Steve had a copy of a system map that he has been working on. He would like Art to identify the hydrants, etc. on the map.

New Business:

Art noted that he will be going on vacation again from April 19th to May 6th and someone will have to be available to cover for him while he is gone. Don Oakes, who had a license, could cover for Art, but we should agree to pay him some kind of daily rate for the time that Art is gone. We should be careful how any agreement is worded and make sure everything is above-board since it is one of the Trustees covering for Art.

Art has a problem with the new computer. He cannot access any of the state documents. He needs to have Excel loaded onto the computer to do that. Also, the computer has no floppy drive so there is no way to back up data. The Trustees will work something out to get the Excel program and see what can be done about getting a floppy drive installed on the computer.

VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Freeman to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 p.m. So