2008-03-20 Water District Trustees Minutes

MARCH 20, 2008

Don Oakes, Chairman
Brant Miller, Treasurer
Harvey Freeman, Clerk
Gordon Johnson, Trustee

Arthur McLean, Superintendent
Gina Flower, Office Manager

The meeting was brought to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chairman Oakes.

VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Freeman to approve the minutes of the meeting
held on February 21, 2008. So voted.

Steve dropped off a copy of the CD with the GIS information on it to Brant. Brant can't make any changes but can view everything. He feels that this information will be very helpful to Art and to the Trustees as well.

VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Johnson to approve the financial report for the
month of February as written. So voted.

The Treasurer reviewed and approved the checking account statement for the month of February.

The Maine Municipal Association Property and Casualty Pool Renewal paperwork was reviewed and signed.

Gina noted that the District received a Workers' Comp. refund from Maine Municipal Association in the amount of $30.

The warrant for the month was reviewed and approved in the amount of $8,442.36.

The Drinking Water Week information was discussed. It was agreed that the District would not participate in any of the events this year.

Gina noted that she had to make one change to the Consumer Confidence Report that was approved last month. She received a notice from Health & Human Services that from now on a paragraph related to lead in drinking water must be in all reports we send out. The change was made and the report was sent to the printer earlier this month.

The quote from Underwater Solutions for inspecting the water tanks was tabled. Steve was going to do some research on the matter, and since he was not here tonight, it was agreed that no decision will be made on the matter until next month.

Art noted that he has had John Cote plow out the hydrants in Bowdoin a couple of times this winter. Art also asked John to clean out the brush by the building on Preble Road this spring. Art also had John adjust the fence gate at the pump station.
Art reported that he has done all the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) sampling required for this year. The only tests that are left to do are lead and copper. He needs to take 10 tests every 3 years. That will be done this summer.

A new battery has been purchased for the pump station emergency generator.

Art had to replace the windshield on the truck this month because of stone damage. Gina was asked to check with the insurance carrier about the deductible for windshields. The Trustees questioned if we had to pay any deductible for such a loss. Art also had to replace the rear brakes on the truck. He had this done at Mieneke.

Art updated the Trustees on the matter of a new hydrant from Ferguson. The hydrant will be free to the District. Art will coordinate with Ferguson regarding having the hydrant delivered this spring.

Art has ordered new meters for the next round of meter change-outs.

Don went over the water loss sheet that he put together. Art will check with Maine Rural Water Association about a system-wide leak survey. The Trustees would like to know what the cost of such a survey would be. Gina reported that she thought Maine Rural Water would do the survey for nothing.

Art reported that he had an automated alarm call-in for a raw water pump failure. As soon as he reset the alarm panel the pump started fine. The problem has not happened since. He figures that it could have been pumping some of the sediment from the bottom of the well. We have gained 3 feet of water height in the well this spring.

The Trustees requested that the water loss sheet prepared by Don be attached to this month's minutes. In addition, Gina agreed to prepare a quarterly water loss sheet after each District-wide meter reading.

The matter of purchasing the SCADA data system was discussed. Harvey opined that there is enough money in the bank if we had to buy one. Some research will still be done to see if we need to spend $20,000 or if we can get what we need for less than that. If we do need SCADA, we could borrow from the Sinking Funds, even though we would have to pay that amount back. Gordon will check on other companies that offer this system upgrade.

Art left at 7:50 p.m.

Gordon noted that as of April 1st there will be a new fire chief in Bowdoin.. It was suggested that we invite him to a meeting to get acquainted with him and for him to see how the District is run.

The Drinking Water Program grant application was discussed. We need three estimates for surveying the property in Bowdoin and then we will be ready to submit the application. We already have one estimate, Harvey will get two more.

VOTED: On motion of Freeman, seconded by Miller to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m. So