2008-07-17 Water District Trustee Minutes


MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                           OTHERS PRESENT:
Don Oakes, Chairman                                                              Arthur McLean, Superintendent
Brant Miller, Treasurer                                                  Regina Flower, Office Manager
Harvey Freeman, Clerk
Stephen Cox, Trustee
Gordon Johnson, Trustee
            The meeting was brought to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chairman Oakes
VOTED: On motion of Freeman, seconded by Miller to approve the minutes from the meeting
                 held on June 19, 2008. So voted.
VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Freeman to approve the financial report for the
                 month of June as written. So voted.
            The warrant for the month was reviewed and approved in the amount of $17,464.14.
            The Treasurer reviewed and approved the checking statement for the month of June.
            The paperwork needed to continue our association with the State Surplus Property program, at no cost to the District, was reviewed. It was agreed that the District should renew our application with the program. The necessary paperwork was signed and will be sent out tomorrow.
            Art noted that we have added another new customer on Tegans Way.
            Art has started the meter replacement program in Bowdoin. He found two houses with a silcock before the meter. He gave these homeowners until August 1st to remove the silcock. He also suggested that the booster pumps be removed at the same time since they are no longer being used. He will call each of these homes after August 1st for a re-inspect.
            The Trustees agreed that as long as we have accurate records regarding the booster pumps and the plumbing we shouldn’t have to require the removal of pumps. It was noted that any taps upstream of the meter are illegal and considered theft of water and could be punishable by a fine.
            It was suggested that when Art does a new installation using plastic pipe that he include the use of tracer wire. This could be taped to the pipe from the curb all the way into the house. This would be a very effective way of finding out exactly where the line is if there is ever a problem. We should come up with a diagram showing what should be used in standard new connections. 
            Art has done the lead and copper testing for this year. He should have the results of the tests in a few weeks.
            Frank Haggerty should be here by the end of July to finish cleaning the well. Art noted that the amount of water he is pumping is down from last year, indicating the success of the leak detection and repair program done in April.
            The meters were read the end of June.  Every meter appears to be working at this time. There were no non-reads.
            It was suggested that when Art changes out a meter maybe he should check the curb box to make sure the valve works. Valves should be exercised every so often anyway.
            Gordon agreed to do up a diagram showing what should be used on new standard connections. It was suggested that we should revisit the terms and conditions to see if anything there should be changed in regard to meter installations, etc.
VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Freeman that the District should purchase a small
                 camera for District use. Art can purchase the camera and is authorized to spend up to
                 $150. It was agreed that we would not need an extended maintenance agreement. This
                 camera will be used to document the piping around meter installations. So voted.
            The matter of tank inspections was discussed again. It was suggested that the matter be deferred until next year.
VOTED: On motion of Miller, seconded by Freeman to defer the tank painting until next year.
                So voted.
            Art noted that the line item in the budget for maintenance will most likely be over budget for the year due to the cost of replacing and/or installing several water main valves in town.
            The survey for the Bowdoin property has been approved, but has not been completed yet.
            Gordon noted that the Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells Water District is scheduled to vote on entering into a 30 year contract with Poland Springs Water Co. This could affect all water districts in the future. Right now it mainly concerns districts with surface water but it is expected that all districts will be affected eventually.
VOTED: On motion of Freeman, seconded by Johnson to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m.
                 So voted.