2009-04-17 Water District Trustee Minutes


P. O. BOX 86
TEL: (207) 666-3159
BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                                 SUPERINTENDENT
                                                                                                     Arthur McLean, III
F. Donald Oakes – Chairman                                                                                                          
Brant Miller – Treasurer
George Harvey Freeman – Clerk                                                                     OFFICE MANAGER
Stephen Cox – Trustee
Gordon Johnson – Trustee                                                                                     Regina Flower
June 11, 2009
            A regular meeting of the Bowdoinham Water District Board of Trustees will be held on Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at the Bowdoinham Town Office on School Street in Bowdoinham. 
1.       Call to order
2.    Approval of the minutes of May 28, 2009
3.    Discuss Update on Redundant Well Project
4.    Office Manager’s Report
a.       Approval of May financial report
b.       Approval of warrant for month of May
c.        Other
5.     Superintendent’s Report
6.     Old Business
                           a.    Review and approve first three chapters of Personnel Policy
7.      Action Items
   a.    Update Emergency Contingency Plan
   b.    Safety Policies of District
   c.     Asset Management Plan
   d.    Red Flag Rules
8.     New Business
9.    Adjournment