News and Updates

07/08/2020: We plan to start on Monday, August 3rd installing the smaller 18” culvert.  We anticipate a couple of days to get this culvert in.  We will set up message boards on the previous Monday, July 27th on either side of the project, one on route 24 in Bowdoinham and the other at route 197 in Richmond.  This will be to inform commuters of anticipated road closures throughout the project. 
06/19/2020: INVITATION TO BID   DATE: June 19, 2020
Farm Stand
06/10/2020: Apple Creek Farm Offering:  The farm is a MOFGA certified organic farm.  They offer grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, eggs, grass-fed goat & lamb and pasture-raised turkeys.  Value-added products include chicken liver pate, and bone broths.  They also sell sheepskins and cashmere goat hides.
06/09/2020: Please join us along the parade route to celebrate the Class of 2020 Seniors who attended our Bowdoinham Community School as they are escorted through town by the Bowdoinham Fire Department.  Spectators are asked to practice social distancing and to be mindful to not block the view of those who may choose to spectate from their vehicles. Date: Friday, June 12, 2020 (rain date June 13th) Time: 5:00pm Parade loop: Bowdoinham village loop starting at the Bowdoinham Community School via Cemetery Rd., Center St., Main St., River Rd., Ridge Rd.  
06/09/2020: All the fiber is on the poles, splicing and drop wires are completed to many households, and LCI technicians are “lighting up” homes in Bowdoinham as quickly as they can. As of June 12 approximately 50 new Bowdoinham subscribers will be surfing the web, streaming video, participating in Zoom/Skype video conferences, and generally downloading and uploading to their hearts content on their 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps fiber optic internet connection.
06/08/2020: Barn hours of operation: Thursdays - 8am to 4pm Saturdays - 8am to 4pm We will be open to receive the following items: Magazines/newspapers Mixed paper Mixed recyclables Food waste Metal Cardboard (breakdown boxes before putting in dumpster) We will NOT be accepting furniture/mattresses or any other bulky waste at this time. The Thrift area/library will remain closed. When you arrive at the barn please park your vehicle facing the barn MASKS ARE REQUIRED.

We are Hiring:

Interested in making a difference? Like work that is active, multi-faceted and challenging?  The Town of Bowdoinham is currently seeking qualified applicants for the part-time position of Recreation Director and Older Adult Services Coordinator.