News and Updates

03/01/2024 : Notice of high or moderate detected populations of Browntail moths in the state. Please see the attached for more information.
Photo Contest
02/28/2024 : The Town of Bowdoinham is having a 'Best of Bowdoinham' photo contest. The winning photos will be featured in the Town's 2025 Calendar.  Entries need to be submitted by May 15th. All photos will be judged by Town residences in June. 
02/27/2024 : Bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope or package with the type of bid clearly indicated on the outside:"Bid For: 2024 Roadway Improvements— Bowdoinham, Maine"
02/16/2024 : The Select Board will hold a public hearing on:Marijuana Caregiver Business License, Loud and Local, LLC, 50 Birchwood Lane (R02-052). Date of Public Hearing: Tuesday, February 27, 2024
02/10/2024 : The Town of Bowdoinham seasonally posts Town roads in order to pre
01/14/2024 : Due to the winter weat
01/11/2024 : What’s new for us here in Maine: