News and Updates

01/10/2019: We are once again recycling glass and all plastics numbered 1 through 7. If using curbside pick up, please separate your items in accordance with the recycling guidelines. Remember not all plastics are recyclable, if it does not have a number it cannot be recycled.
01/10/2019: State Law requires all dogs six months and older to be licensed by January 1st, however there is a grace period of January 31st  before a late fee is incurred.   Neutered/Spayed Dog - $6.00 Not Neutered Dog - $11.00
05/09/2018: This summer canoe and kayak storage racks will be available at Mailly Waterfront Park for this summer's boating season.  Space on the racks would be available in May and will end on November 1.  Applications will be accepted by mail or in person on a first come, first served basis.