Age-Friendly Bowdoinham

The Mission of the Advisory Committee on Age-Friendly Bowdoinham is to:

  • Partner with local and regional organizations, and volunteer groups to increase services and programs to make it possible for residents of all ages and abilities to thrive in Bowdoinham.
  • Provide activities geared to keeping people healthy, active and engaged in our community
  • Develop services to support aging in place
  • Advise the Town of Bowdoinham Select Board about infrastructure and policy that will make it easier and safer for Bowdoinham's residents to live within our community

Vision: To foster changes in the physical and social environment that will make Bowdoinham a better place to live for people of all ages, especially for older adults and for people living with disabilities.

Activities we offer: Click here to see our offered activities!

Committee Meetings: The 2nd Monday of every month. Visit our Advisory Committee on Age-Friendly Bowdoinham page

How to get involved: We are always looking for volunteers! Contact the Older Adult Services Coordinator at or come into the Town Office

How to Zoom:

With most meetings being operated through Zoom it is very important to get an understanding of how to operate Zoom. We don't want any of our residents missing out because they are having trouble operating Zoom. Zoom has become a popular way for virtual meetings. Zoom is a free web-based and mobile app for users. We are going to be using Zoom to utilize the opportunity to still meet and hopefully offer virtual programs for our residents. If you are unfamiliar or struggling with Zoom and looking for some help, we are providing links below!

Live Training Webinar:  Here you will find that Zoom offers live interactive training webinars daily where they help you get up to speed with Zoom and a better understanding of how Zoom works. Here you will see that it allows you to get a better understanding of the steps required to get into the Zoom meeting.

How to Join a Meeting: Here you will find the steps that are required to be able to join a meeting, here you will be able to get step by step instruction based on how you are joining the meeting (Web based, phone, email, etc). This will help you be able to join our meetings.

Pre-recorded Training Sessions: Here you will be able to find training videos that will help you with the step by step of different Zoom scenarios. For example, there are training sessions such as 'Getting Started with Zoom' or 'Zoom Phone User Training' which will help you get a better understanding of Zoom in a visual sense.

Online Resources for Older Adults: You can go to the Maine.Gov website which will provide you online resources for older adults.

At this link you will be able to see the State of Maine Age-Friendly Action Plan