Peary's Garden

Peary's Garden is in its second season as a community growing space after being created by long-time gardener, Peary Merriman. In 2016, Peary Merrifield was a resident of Bowdoinham Estates when he contacted the Smith’s to have a garden on their land behind Bowdoinham Estates. Peary had the land tilled and planted to a variety of vegetables. Peary and several other residents of Bowdoinham Estates shared in the maintenance and costs of the garden. Then, two years ago now, initiated by the Community Conversations facilitated by BCDI, Peary’s Garden was formed in memory of Peary. Participants receive compost, water, tools, seeds and expert advice as part of their membership. They have designated organic and conventional plots and encourage the whole community to come enjoy the beautiful space that we have created together. Visit their Facebook page to learn more

218 Main St
Bowdoinham, ME 04008
United States