Third Chapter Films

Jeff Fischer created Third Chapter Films to help people preserve in documentary form their stories and the special events of their lives. This applies not only to individuals and families, but also to communities and institutions. What better way to celebrate, for example, the birthday of a loved one, or the bicentennial of a town  – than with a video documenting its rich history?
A project with Third Chapter Films starts with helping my clients understand and realize their vision – what the film will express and who will be the intended audience. It ends with a DVD and/or an video posted online. A film seen only by a dozen family members deserves as much care as one that reaches out to a much wider audience. And today’s video and computer technology makes even a modest project affordable.

Jeff Fischer is a retired teacher of English and film, who lives in Bowdoinham, Maine. He started Third Chapter Films to put his skills as an interviewer, as a careful listener, and as an image-maker to the service of people with stories to tell. In this “third chapter” of his life, he’d like to be part of yours.

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Jeff Fischer