Bowdoinham Welcomes John Bunker, Maine's Apple Guru

Event Location

Farmer's Market, Merrymeeting Hall

On Saturday, October 1, the Bowdoinham Public Library will welcome author, apple historian, gardener, and orchardist John Bunker.  John will set up an apple display from 8:30 to noon, displaying and discussing a sampling of his heritage apples from Maine's 16 counties.  John will do his best to answer people's questions about their own apple varieties.  He has visited  Bowdoinham before and studied the journals of Bowdoinham's own orchardist, Abraham Prebble.  At 1:00 Saturday afternoon at Merrymeeting Hall, John will talk to us about his book, Apples and the Art of Detection, published in 2019, and a little about his fruit explorations in Bowdoinham.


John Bunker is an apple historian, gardener and orchardist.  In 1984 he started the cooperative mail-order nursery Fedco Trees.  In 2012 he founded the Maine Heritage Orchard in Unity Maine.  His recent book, Apples and the Art of Detection recounts his forty years of tracking down, identifying and preserving rare apples.  He lives with Cammy Watts on Superchilly Farm in Palermo Maine.  Find out more about John and Cammy's activities, at