Event Location

Bowdoinham Community School, 23 Cemetery Road

State Primary/Special Referendum, MSAD # 75 & District Budget Referendum Election, Municipal Referendum, and Town Meeting Warrant sample ballots are all posted below.

On the State Primary Ballot, depending on which qualified party you are enrolled in (Democrat, Green Independent, or Republican) you will be voting for US Senate, Representative to Congress, District 1, State Senator, District 23, State Representative, District 55, and other County Offices. Voters changing Party Enrollment must do so by Monday, June 29th to participate in the July Primary Election. (Just remember if you are unenrolled you can enroll in a qualified party anytime). Please be aware of your party enrollment.

To request an absentee ballot, you can:


For information on the Town's budget, please refer to the Town Manager's Report.