Waterfront Re-Development Design Workshop


Kendall Room

Event Location

John C. Coombs Municipal Building, 13 School Street

We had our first Design Workshop for the Non-Motorized Boat Launch and Shoreline Stabilization with our consultants, Richardson & Assoicates and Baker Design Consultants on September 17th.  At that meeting, our consultants presented design options for both elements.  For the non-motorized boat launch (aka paddle put-in), the public was is agreement, that they wanted a launch similiar to the boat launch at Mailly Waterfront Park: a hard bottom access ramp, floats with the rail and ADA float access.  For the Shoreline Stabilization, the public was in agreement of which  treatment options should be placed along the different areas of the shoreline and where overlooks and pathways should be located.

At this meeting, attendees will have the opportunity to view and provide feedback on these designs, so please be sure to attend!  After this meeting the consultants will finalize the design to begin the permitting process.  

Please contact me with questions, 666-5531 or nbriand@bowdoinham.com.

Meeting Documents

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Meeting Agenda | Community & Economic Development | 2019-11-20 11-20-19_Design-Workshop-Agenda.pdf