Next year the Bowdoinham Town Hall will be approaching its 200th birthday.  As such, it is in need of repairs.  The last time there was a concerted effort on improving the building was over 30 years ago when a committee was formed for that exact purpose, which resulted in the Dome being replicated and replaced.  Since then, minor repairs have been done, such as recently when a retired citizen reglazed and refinished the windows; however, the building is now in a state of need.  Now, the Town Hall needs repairs to the foundation, the roof, and the building needs to be repainted.
2a. Have you ever used the Town Hall for an event?
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6. Once the work on the Town Hall is complete, should the Town of Bowdoinham allocate a specific amount of money for Town Hall maintenance each year?
7a. Would you be willing and able to devote time or expertise to further this project?