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2011 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report.pdf
2012 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report.pdf
2013 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report.pdf
2014 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report.pdf
2014 Report to Select Board
2014 Report to Select Board.pdf
2015 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report.pdf
2015 Report to Select Board
2015 Report to Select Board.pdf
2016 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report.pdf
2016 Report to Select Board
2016 Report to Select Board.pdf
2017 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report.pdf
2019 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report
2019 Bulky Waste Fee Schedule
2019 Bulky Waste Fee Schedule
2019 Mooring Inspection
Mooring Inspection.pdf
2019 Mooring Permit Application Inner Harbor
Mooring App Inner.pdf
2019 Mooring Permit Application Outer Harbor
Mooring App Outer.pdf
A Homeowners' Guide to Septic Systems
Homeowners' Guide to Septics.pdf
About the Public Works Project
Public Works Info Insert.pdf
Absentee Ballot Application
Advertise in The Bowdoinham News
Bowdoinham News Advertising Registration Form_2019.pdf
Age-Friendly's February 2019 Activity Calendar
Age-Friendly's February 2019 Activity Calendar
Age-Friendly's February 2019 Activity Calendar
Age-Friendly's February 2019 Activity Calendar
Aging in Bowdoinham assessment
Aging in Bowdoinham.pdf Aging in Bowdoinham 2 Years Later_0.pdf
Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports
2018 - Report_1.pdf 2017-Report.pdf 2016-Report.pdf 2015-Report.pdf 2014-Report.pdf 2013-Report.pdf 2012-Report.pdf
Application for Code Enforcement Officer Permit
CEO Application (Building, Shoreland, Floodplain, Land Use, Site Plan Review)
Application for Driveway/Entrance Permit
Driveway-Entrance Application.pdf