1st Annual Zucchini Race at Celebrate Bowdoinham

Maine lore has it that if you don’t lock your car during the months of July and August you’re apt to come out and find it full of zucchini! Zucchini plants almost always produce more zucchinis than anyone knows what to do with.
This year the Merrymeeting Arts Center is offering a creative solution to the question of what to do with all those zucchinis, especially the huge, overgrown ones: Turn them into racing zucchinis and enter them in the 1st Annual Zucchini Races at Celebrate Bowdoinham at 11am, on September 14th!

Zucchinis will need to be fitted with or mounted on the wheels of your choice, and decorated (or not) in whatever way you wish. Then bring them to the Skate Park down by the waterfront (behind the MAC Art Studio - green building) on the morning of Celebrate. There will be prizes for the fastest zucchinis, and lots of laughs and fun to be had by all.
There is no fee to register, but please let us know a few days before if you plan to enter a race-zucchini! Entrants can register by email at merrymeetingartscenter@gmail.com. There’s no fee to enter and prizes will be awarded to the fastest zucchinis!