2022-2023 Winter Sand Bid

The Town of Bowdoinham is requesting proposals for up to three thousand (5,000) cubic yards of screened winter sand.


Proposals will be accepted by the Bowdoinham Town Manager until August 4th at 11:00 am.



Requirements & Conditions:

1.         Prices shall include the furnishing of all equipment and labor to supply the winter sand in accordance with the specifications stated herein.

2.         Contractors are requested to indicate the location of the source of winter sand. The Town Manager or Public Works Supervisor shall determine if the quality of the sand meets generally accepted standards of winter sand.

3.         The proposal for winter sand shall be for the supply and delivery of sand only. Mixing of sand with salt will be completed by Bowdoinham Public Works or their agents. As an alternate, the Town will accept proposals for the supply of winter sand only.

4.         Sand must be silica based; No limestone-based products may be used. If the material is white or gray in color, it is probably not acceptable.

5.         Manufactured sand or stone dust is not acceptable unless plant location and material have been reviewed and approved by the Town of Bowdoinham.

6.         Screen size or mesh for winter sand must provide material that has 100% passing at ½ of an inch.

7.         Sand that has become contaminated by improper storage or installation practices will be rejected.

8.         Location of sand stockpile must be within a reasonable radius of 121 Pond Road

Bowdoinham, Maine.

9.         The sand will be stocked in the Town’s Public Works Sand Storage Building at 121 Pond Road, Bowdoinham.


Alternate Proposal:

1.         As an Alternate Proposal, the contractors may provide cost for supplying sand only with the Town of Bowdoinham transporting the winter sand.  



1.         Proposals shall be stated in dollars and cents per cubic yard.

2.         The Town of Bowdoinham reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all proposals.

3.         This contract may be terminated at any time if the Town or its representative(s) believe that the contractor is not meeting the requirements and conditions.

4.         The Town requires a certificate of insurance stating general liability.


Please see attached document for proposal form.