2022 Giving Tree

2022 Giving Tree Deadline was 12/19/2022, All 2022 deliveries and donations have been made as of 12/21/2022.

I want to personally thank everyone involved in donating their efforts in this wonderful giving community we have in Bowdoinham. The outpouring of gifts was extremely overwhelming, the tears and the joy on the faces of the families was more than a delight to see and made us all teary as well.

I also want to especially say a HUGE THANK YOU to Sue Hill, Kevin O’Farrell, Maura MacDonald, Melody Cougot, Mike Webber and Three Robber’s Pub, for all their amazing fundraising effort.

They have gone above and beyond, with a major raffle to support not only the Town Giving Tree, but the Bowdoinham Food Pantry as well. The funds that were raised by this year’s raffle was more than we could have dreamed. They all lead busy lives and have put themselves on hold for part of it to make this year a fantastic year for all. Their support to the Giving Tree is what helps this Town run smoothly and we could not do the things we do without all of them and all of you!

On behalf of the Town Office, thank you from the bottom of our heart, for the love, support and generosity you have shared this season.

Happy Holidays to all.