ASSESSING NEWS: Bowdoinham is Updating its Property Cards

The Town of Bowdoinham has contracted with RJD Appraisal for assessing services to update the Town’s property cards to be completed over a 4-year period. If your property is in the current assessing group, you should have received a letter from the Town.

Beginning Monday, October 4, 2021, RJD Appraisal will begin conducting on-site reviews of the developed parcels to ensure the Town’s property tax data is accurate. This will be achieved by gathering missing or incorrect building information.  At the time of review, any building information that is in error or omitted will be corrected. RJD will inspect the exterior of buildings only. Interior inspections will only be performed if requested by the owner.

Please contact Darren Carey at (207) 666-5531 or, if you have any questions relating to the inspection process.