Blazing fast LCI Fiber Optic Internet now up and running in 50 homes in Bowdoinham (many more to come)!

All the fiber is on the poles, splicing and drop wires are completed to many households, and LCI technicians are “lighting up” homes in Bowdoinham as quickly as they can. As of June 12 approximately 50 new Bowdoinham subscribers will be surfing the web, streaming video, participating in Zoom/Skype video conferences, and generally downloading and uploading to their hearts content on their 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps fiber optic internet connection.

LCI can serve 217 homes on the new 25 mile Fiber Optic Network – but so far only 110 of the 217 homes have signed up. LCI will continue to take applications for this first wave of installs through June. But after that date you may have to wait till late summer or early fall for the second wave of installs in Bowdoinham. Don’t miss this first wave of installations!

The roads that are include in the LCI Fiber Optic Network are all or portions of: Batchelder Rd., Cranberry Way, Hatch Point Lane, River Rd., Beechnut Ridge, Dingley Rd., Hunter Lane, S. Pleasant St., Carding Machine Rd., Eagle Wing Lane, Island View Lane, Wallace Way, Carlson Cross Rd., Fiddlehead Lane, Pioneer Rd., White Rd.

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