Carding Machine Road Update

In an effort to keep everyone informed, here is an update on the improvements needed on Carding Machine road and the estimated time table for completion. The work necessary includes drainage, multiple culvert replacements, adding materials to the road bed, grading and paving. Several things negatively impacted the progress of this project which had been slated for Fall 2019. One significant issue was that there was a change in Town Management which directly impacted the guidance of Public Works and momentum of the project. The other significant issue was that during the interim it became apparent that two very large culverts required engineering and design which was outside the scope of Public Works. Not only did this add significant cost to the project but it delayed the schedule enough that paving has now been put off until spring 2020. In the meantime, the road will be graded and prepped as best we can before winter is upon us. I ask for your patience this winter and I assure you that completion of this job is of utmost priority for the Board of Selectmen and myself as soon as weather conditions permit in the spring. Thomas Woodin, Bowdoinham Town Manager