Impact of COVID19 on trash and recycling in Bowdoinham

Update Regarding COVID-19 Impact on Trash and Recycling in Bowdoinham


To protect the health and safety of Town residents and employees during the current public health crisis, The Town of Bowdoinham is making certain changes to our solid waste program, effective Thursday, April 2, 2020. Please be aware:

  1. For the month of April & May, no trash tags are required for curbside trash pickup in Bowdoinham. This will eliminate the need for residents to leave home in order to purchase tags. The Town will cover the cost of trash pickup through the end of May. (Please do not put out more trash than usual so we can avoid overwhelming the pickup service.)
  2. Curbside trash and recycling pickup will continue to happen on Thursday mornings.
  3. For curbside recycling, the Town asks that you please hang on to your recyclables as long as possible. Doing so will reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure to Recycle Barn staff who sort the materials.
  4. If you need to use curbside recycling, please be sure to use clear bags and sort the materials in accordance with our Waste Handling Guidelines (PDF).
  5. Until further notice, the Recycle Barn remains CLOSED to the public; please do NOT leave trash or other materials on the premises.

Thank you and be safe out there.