Letter from Bowdoinham Health Officer

As a society that is used to coming and going as we please, this pandemic has created many inconveniences. This is a novel virus with many unknowns and we must not take it lightly.  Restrictions are in place for everyone's health and safety and we must trust the Dr.'s and scientists that guide these decisions.


The town office has assured me that needed services can be accessed on-line.  Many regulations have been waived during this outbreak,  Town officials are also available by phone and email.


The concerts were cancelled as there would be no way to enforce social distancing and no way to foresee how many would attend.  Certainly, if ours was the only venue available for entertainment in the area there could be a huge turnout.


Like it or not, our lives have been changed and affected by this virus.  We must be supportive of the necessary precautions so that it doesn't become catastrophic to any of us.


Susan Hobart, R.N. 

Health Officer