Maine CDC reports cases of rabies in Bowdoinham

The Maine CDC has notified the Town Office of a reported case of Rabies in our town. The attached is information to help educate the community about rabies. 

What should you do if you or your pet were exposed?

If you or your pet had contact with a wild animal or animal that you don’t know, follow the steps below to prevent rabies.

1. Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water.

2. Call your healthcare provider. He/she will help you decide if you need to be treated for rabies. Maine CDC can help assess rabies exposures and recommend control measures.

3. Contact your town's Animal Control Officer (ACO) if the attacking animal is domestic, like a dog or cat. 

4. Contact your local Game Warden if the attacking animal is wild, like a raccoon or skunk. Reach the Game Warden by calling state police.

5. If your pet was bitten or scratched by an animal, call your veterinarian and the ACO or Game Warden.


Bowdoinham Animal Control Officer

Contact: Cliff Daigle
Phone: 207 522-8816