Recycling Costs Increasing

February 3, 2020



Unexpected large rate increases from Pine Tree Waste Inc. took place January 1, 2020 significantly impacting the costs of operating the Town Recycling Barn. Rates charged to the Town for both garbage disposal and recycling have gone up.

The Recycling Barn recently did a study in November and December documenting the rate of contamination in the roadside recycling collected materials.  The results of that study were that the average contamination rate within the recycling materials was over 34%.  This contributes to the processing costs in house of sorting materials as well as raises the disposal costs of non-recycled materials.

As of this notice, recycling costs for the calendar year are estimated to increase by $25,000 at a minimum.

This will be an ongoing discussion at Selectmen’s meetings and throughout the budget process leading up towards town meeting in June.  We are all working towards a workable solution and as always, welcome public suggestions and input.