The goal is for the Town to have a hybrid program which includes both source-separated and single-stream recycling, including a gift shop, as recommended by the Solid Waste Committee.  This hybrid program could be located at either the Recycling Barn or on Pond Road.  The Recycling Barn does not equal a source-separated program and Pond Road does not equal a single-stream program.

Either location will need a transfer facility license in order for the Town to operate as it did previously at the Recycling Barn.  Without a transfer facility license, the program will be limited to operating as a recycling facility, which does not require a permit for Maine Department of Environmental Protection, (please refer to Attachment 1). 



Whether the Town chooses to operate at the recycling barn or at Pond Road, the same process will need to be followed:

  • An engineer will need to be hired to complete the design work and provide cost estimates.
  • Once a design is chosen, construction documents will need to be created and the project will need to be put out to bid.
  • The Town will need to appropriate the necessary funding to complete the project, after bids are received.
  • Once money is appropriated, contracts can be signed, and construction can begin.
  • After construction and all final inspections are completed, the Town will be able to begin operations. 

The Town will continue operating at Public Works until the process is complete.



Both avenues will have the expense of an engineer for design and construction services and construction.  Currently we have the following proposals for both projects:

  • Proposal from Barton & Loguidice on October 6, 2021 for Recycling Barn Rehabilitation Design Services to include preliminary design, engineering and environmental services for $67,000.
  • Proposal from Pine Tree Engineering on November 6, 2020 and March 8, 2021 for Pond Road to include preliminary design, engineering and environmental services for $38,500.

Please refer to Attachment 2. Once a design is chosen, the Town will need funding for final design, permitting and construction documents.

Pond Road

We completed a feasibility study for Pond Road that looked at two options: a new facility adjacent to Public Works and an addition to the Public Works Facility.  The public works building was originally designed in 2017 with an additional four bays that were removed to save a little over $250,000. The Town could also look at increasing the gravel footprint and building a small building for now so that we could increase our recycling program and save a larger addition for the future. Please refer to Attachment 3.

Recycling Barn

In 2013, the Town received estimates for the roof truss rehab, floor rehab and exterior sheathing, the least expensive option was $115,200, (please refer to Attachment 4).   The reports from Criterium Engineering also recommended that roof loads, floor loads and building sheathing be addressed, (please refer to Attachment 5).  The State Fire Marshal’s Statement of Deficiencies need to be addressed. According to the Fire Marshal, 2 of the 29 listed deficiencies has been corrected as of May 27, 2022, (please refer to Attachment 6).  Additionally, operational and safety standards have changed since the Town began operating in the Recycling Barn in the 1980’s, therefore improvements will be needed to ensure we are meeting current standards.