Recycling Update - Effective November 1st

Effective November 1st, the Town’s recycling operations will be closed at the Recycling Barn. We are working to re-open our recycling operations at a temporary location by December 1st. We will provide information about our temporary location as soon as we have the necessary details. Our curbside recycling pick-up will also be suspended as of November 1st until further notice. 

The Select Board has approved moving our recycling operations to our Public Works Facility at 121 Pond Road at their October 19th Meeting. While we are working on obtaining the necessary permits for this change, we are also working with the Town of Richmond on a possible partnership for our recycling operations. As currently at the Recycling Barn, the Town’s recycling operations will consist of two “silver bullet” recycling dumpsters and one metal dumpster. We are also evaluating what other services we may be able to offer at either location.

How long will we be at a temporary location? That will depend on the time needed for either of the following options:

  • Return to Barn – The repairs outlined in Calderwood Engineering’s Recommendation Letter, dated September 11, 2020 must be completed for the Town of safely operate on the 1st floor of the Barn. Additional repairs and/or upgrades may be needed for the Town to operate on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • Construct a New Facility.

Either option may require Town Meeting approval in June.