Seeking Nominations for Citizen of the Year Award

The Town is currently seeking nominations for Citizen of the Year. This award is presented to the selected nominee at the annual Celebrate Bowdoinham event in September. The criteria for this award are as follows:
  •  The Citizen of the Year award recipient shall be an outstanding individual recognized for their impact on the lives of Bowdoinham citizens, a special individual who shows dedication and spirit beyond what is considered regular duty.
  •  The following characteristics will be considered: present activities, previous activities, charitable/philanthropic efforts, improvement in the quality of life for Bowdoinham residents, and commitment to the community. 

Previous residents receiving this honor include:
  •  2013 – Susie Uhle 
  •  2014 – Leslie Anderson
  •  2015 – Lynn Spiro
  •  2016 – Nancy Curtis 
  •  2017 – Doug Tourtelotte
  •  2018 – Besty Steen


If you would like to nominate someone to receive this award, please contact the Town Manager at 666-5531 or by email at  All nominations will be confidential. An appointed committee will review nominations and forward a recommendation to the Select Board in August.