Seeking Nominations for Citizen of the Year Award

The Town is currently seeking nomi- nations for Citizen of the Year. The criteria for this award are as follows: • The Citizen of the Year award recipient shall be an outstanding individual recognized for their impact on the lives of Bowdoinham citizens, a special individual who shows dedication and spirit beyond what is considered regular duty. • The following characteristics will be considered: present activities, previous activities, charitable/philanthropic efforts, improvement in the quality of life for Bowdoinham residents, and commitment to the community. Previous residents receiving this honor include:

  • 2013 – Susie Uhle
  • 2014 – Leslie Anderson
  • 2015 – Lynn Spiro
  • 2016 – Nancy Curtis
  • 2017 – Doug Tourtelotte
  • 2018 – Besty Steen
  • 2019 – Kate Cutko

Please submit your nomination by August 12th, to the Town Manager, Tom Woodin at 666-5531 or by email at