Select Board Update on Town Recycling Efforts

Bowdoinham’s long-standing Recycling Program is an enormous source of pride for the Town, and an important way our community can contribute to reducing waste and living more sustainably.

This year, the Select Board has been grappling with how to continue carrying out that program in a manner that is safe for Town employees and the public. Unfortunately, that process has temporarily disrupted the Town’s ability to provide the same level of recycling services. The Select Board is committed to restoring Bowdoinham’s recycling program as quickly as possible, while also ensuring the health and safety of employees and residents.

In order to achieve this, a number of things are happening in parallel:

  •  In the near term, solid waste and recycling operations have been relocated to the new Public Works facility on Pond Rd. The hours are the same -- 8-4 on Thursday and Saturday. Additional details are available at
  • Curbside pickup of recyclables has been temporarily paused, as there is not space at Public Works to sort and process them.
  • The Board is working with the Town’s landlord at the Recycling Barn to see whether and how improvements that are needed for the Town to resume operations safely in that building can be completed before the Town’s current lease expires in June.
  • Longer term, the Town is developing two plans to put before voters at Town Meeting in June, with the goal of choosing one:
    • A new lease for the Recycling Barn, which will require additional upgrades to the facility in order to ensure its safety over time.
    • A plan for construction of a new solid waste and recycling facility beside Public Works on the Pond Road property.
  • Both plans will be informed by work the Solid Waste and Recycling Committee is currently conducting to gather community input and develop a long-term vision for recycling services in town. (Thank you to these volunteers for this important work.)

The Select Board recognizes the rich history of recycling in Bowdoinham, including the central role the Barn has played in our community. It is the Board’s hope that, working together, Bowdoinham will be able to rebuild our recycling operations in a way that respects that legacy, contributes to environmental sustainability, and guarantees employee and public health and safety into the future.