Thank you, Bowdoinham Election Workers and Support Staff


Holding a town meeting and elections are difficult enough to carry out even during normal times.  With the onset of COVID19, this year is certainly anything but ordinary.  Conducting a town meeting with paper ballots and maintaining social distancing at the polls was a challenging undertaking. The polling place at the Bowdoinham Community School was set up carefully and safely to protect the workers and the voters.  I’ve heard nothing but compliments on how it was conducted.  The Board of Selectmen and I want to thank those that played a role and or worked the polls on July 14, 2020.  We could not have done it without you, you really rose to the occasion. You did a great job.  Thank you to the following people:  Darren Carey, Nora Bishop, Bowdoinham Community School staff and Principal Chris Lajoie, Bowdoinham Public Works, Leslie Barker, Kirsten Coker, Spencer Coker, Haven Cutko, Elaine Diaz, Marlene Hensley, Lynn Smith, Stephen smith, Shirley Tracy, Linda Williams and Pam Ross.


Thomas Woodin

Town Manager, Bowdoinham